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Corporate Social Responsiblity

McIntyre Adventure has a passion!

To create and support Inspirational Adventures that encourage people to undertake their own adventures at any level – even riding a bike or paddling a canoe for the first time.

Adventure develops valuable human characteristics that cannot be learnt in a classroom, or from a book. Characteristics like risk assessment, value judgement, confidence and the ability to communicate.

Adventures also usually take place in the natural world, mountains, rivers or oceans, developing respect and a better understanding of our planet.  

The OGR dreams of a Full Function Ocean (FFO) – not just plastic free. Global awareness of micro plastic in our oceans is growing, but a dead clean ocean is still a disaster.

Over exploitation of fish stocks, habitat destruction, ocean acidification and coral bleaching are primary critical issues accelerating mass species extinction and threatening human existence.

If the ocean dies, so do we! The OGR and the Halaevalu Mata’aho Marine Discovery Centre on the Island of Nomuka IKI in the Kingdom of Tonga will work with race partners and all OGR participants to highlight these issues.

Our Sustainability Program starts with recycled yachts under refit for the OGR, rather than building new yachts every edition. With appropriate budgets, we hope to develop an integrated and inclusive OGR International Education Program.

Pristine Corals, Nomuka IKI, Kingdom of Tonga, some of the best in the world!

The Ocean Globe Race 2023 is proud to support SITraN, the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience, as its charity of choice for this coming race.


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