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Translated 9 Cape Horn Videos and Pics Just In!

The smiles onboard Translated 9 speak a thousand words as they complete the mammoth achievement of passing the infamous Cape Horn!! Credit: Translated 9 / OGR2023

Translated 9 ITL (09), the Italian 65-foot Swan formerly known as ADC Accutrac, passed Cape Horn at 10:29 UTC on February 6th. With 15kn winds from the north, gusting 20 and 2-metre seas they sailed just 0.5 mile from the coast of Cape Horn giving them a perfect view of the iconic rock. 

Their satellite pictures and video just arrived in the OGR office.

Leading in IRC, they were just beaten around the horn by Pen Duick VI, who completed the passage at 04:51 UTC.

Co-skipper Marco Trombetti loving life as he helms within 0.5 miles off Cape Horn. Credit: Translated 9 / OGR2023

The crew, who’d just experienced their first ‘real’ Southern Ocean weather, were naturally ecstatic about their achievement. 

It was magical. We were sleeping and Ezgim called us and said we’re at Cape Horn, Cape Horn! At first, I thought aaaaah no, we’re sleeping but then realised AHHHH CAPE HORN! We have to go up! We put on our full weather gear and when came out we saw the beautiful rock that everyone dreams of. The feeling of accomplishment is over the roof.

Turkish crew member Derin Deniz

He admitted that the days leading up their achievement was challenging weather-wise. 

It was quiet scary at times. It was a big storm, the waves were huge and the angle was not so good so it was tough on the helm. There were 40 to 50 knot winds and you think oooh please just go down! But it was fun and we were surfing quite fast. We’d 21.5 knots of surf. We got the full Southern Ocean experience.

A letter of congratulations from The International Association of Cape Horners, the OGR patron Sir Chay Blyth, and the association’s President Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was read out by OGR  founder Don McIntyre to Translated 9 during their satellite call. The crew become members of the association once passing 52 degrees South, which they have successfully done by passing the horn.

Co-skipper Marco Trombetti leaves an important message for the younger generation within 0.5 miles of the iconic rock.

Translated 9 skipper Simon Curwen is no stranger to Cape Horn having sailed there last year during the Golden Globe Race. He said how nice it was to renew his acquaintance with the lighthouse keeper, who was starting his second year on the job! Simon admitted the lighthouse keeper still has his email address from last year (there are not many sailors who can make that claim!).

Simon agreed that the achievement feels even sweeter after the tough few days leading up to the passage. 

It feels particularly good considering the weather we had on the approach when eventually the Southern Ocean came alive and delivered what it would be normally. 

Simon Curwen, Translated 9
Derin and  Emiel clearly want to encourage bare belly displays as a new tradition for rounding Cape Horn! Credit: Translated 9 / OGR2023

Translated 9 now continues her epic battle with Pen Duick VI up to the coast to Punta del Este where they are due to arrive on 13th/14th – just in time for the Yacht Club Punta del Este 100 year-anniversary. 



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