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Become a partner, sponsor or official supplier to the Ocean Globe Race.

We are passionate and dedicated to those who join with us.

As rights holder of an exciting new event with a fresh, dynamic and retro style, the world will sit up and take note of us and you! We are ready to talk. Get in touch!

Become part of the OGR team

Over time, the OGR team will grow to around 17 people supporting the event. All disciplines will be represented.

We are different, passionate and committed to this adventure. We are real people with a simple philosophy – if it’s not fun, we do not want to do it. Our office is open, free, dynamic and vibrant with real people. We look for people following the vision, not the money, but we pay our way. We appreciate skill and creativity especially in the young and old, who may think they are at the end of their career. So if you think you have something special to offer, you know where we are.

We have a special respect and admiration for our volunteers. During the GGR, we had volunteer interpreters, designers, photographers, videographers, writers, office workers, event assistants. On the dock, in the village and on the water, zodiac drivers, owners, crews, simply hundreds of helpers and willing French hands. This is the OGR/GGR family, so if you want to help and be part of that, keep an eye on the event. The door is always open. Thanks!


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