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× The start/finish home port and prologue port will be announced soon.

OGR Race Route Illustration showing the route of the Ocean Globe Race along with annotations showing the stopover ports. Cape Town, SA Auckland, NZ Cape Horn Punta del Este, UY
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Starting in Europe in September 2023, the OGR is a 27,000-mile sprint around the globe, spread across four legs, taking in the Southern Ocean and the three Great Capes.

Stopovers will include Cape Town, Auckland and Punta del Este, before finishing back in Europe in April 2024.

The stopover ports and final route timing will be announced in 2022. To win the OGR challenge is to be first in class or handicap overall winner. In the spirit of adventure, the event will be sailed under International Collision Regulations.

  • FIRST LEG: Start Sunday 10 September 2023. 6650 miles. First boats finish 18 October 2023.
  • SECOND LEG: Start Sunday 5 November 2023. 6650 miles. First boats finish 13 December 2023.
  • THIRD LEG: Start Sunday 7 January 2024. 8370 miles. First boats finish 17 February 2024.
  • FOURTH LEG: Start Sunday 3 March. 5430 miles. Finish 14-19 April 2024.

European Start

European Start

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town Waterfront

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland City

It is truly fitting that Auckland would host the race's third stopover in 2023. We look forward to formalising this arrangement in the coming weeks with the Ocean Globe Race organisers.

Chris Simpson - Head of Major Events, Tātaki Auckland

Visit Auckland

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Yacht Club Punta del Este

The Yacht Club Punta del Este is thrilled to welcome the Ocean Globe Race. We look forward to working with OGR's fantastic team and receiving the intrepid sailors whose courage and determination keep the spirit of the Whitbread alive.

Juan Etcheverrito - Commodore, Yacht Club Punta del Este

Yacht Club Punta del Este


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