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IRC Handicap Combined Results

The IRC handicap is a method of rating different boat designs based on their physical measurements, allowing them to race together. The higher the IRC handicap number, the faster the boat’s potential speed due to its length, weight, draft, rig size, sail area, and other specific characteristics.

Note: The corrected elapsed time displayed in the following table includes adjustments due to any time penalties applied throughout the race.

1Maiden28023 NM1.16216 Apr 10:52218d 22h 52m 58s179d 1h 24m 23s
2Spirit of Helsinki28625 NM1.19614 Apr 23:37217d 11h 37m 16s179d 18h 32m 45s
3Triana28810 NM1.06023 Apr 16:25226d 4h 25m 23s180d 13h 18m 50s
4Pen Duick VI28859 NM1.21711 Apr 22:52216d 8h 27m 13s185d 12h 2m 3s
5L’Esprit d’équipe28518 NM1.16013 Apr 20:27216d 8h 27m 13s185d 12h 2m 3s
6Neptune28796 NM1.13515 Apr 21:37218d 9h 37m 56s186d 10h 59m 22s
7Outlaw27467 NM1.12518 Apr 15:58221d 3h 58m 1s187d 8h 35m 8s
8Galiana WithSecure29106 NM1.07524 Apr 23:12227d 11h 12m 4s189d 6h 0m 39s
9Evrika28681 NM1.10025 Apr 02:28227d 14h 28m 9s197d 12h 41m 19s
10White Shadow28286 NM1.09523 Apr 17:32226d 5h 32m 7s198d 20h 38m 53s
11Sterna29631 NM1.06928 Apr 10:37Retired – DNF Leg 2Retired – DNF Leg 2
12Translated 928779 NM1.12003 May 06:29Retired – DNF Leg 3Retired – DNF Leg 3
13Explorer30681 NM1.09713 May 17:35Retired – DNF Leg 2Retired – DNF Leg 2
14Godspeed7297 NM1.092Retired – Withdrawn from raceRetired – Withdrawn from race

Actual Time Sailed

This is actual time on the water, not including IRC or penalties incurred.

Boat NameCountryActual Time Sailed
1Pen Duick VIFrance145d 2d 35m 54s
2Spirit of HelsinkiFinland150d 7h 23m 29s
3MaidenUK153d 2h 16m 53s
4L’Esprit d’équipeFrance159d 9h 57m 38s
5NeptuneFrance162d 18h 43m 19s
6OutlawAustralia165d 22h 3m 12s
7TrianaFrance170d 8h 1m 55s
8White ShadowSpain181d 2h 34m 58s
9Galiana WithSecureFinland176d 1h 6m 52s
10EvrikaFrance179d 13h 43m 1s
11SternaSouth AfricaRetired – DNF Leg 2
12Translated 9ItalyRetired – DNF Leg 3
13ExplorerAustraliaRetired – DNF Leg 2
14GodspeedUSARetired – Withdrawn from race


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