• Heather Thomas and her all-women Maiden crew are crowned the 2023 McIntyre Ocean Globe champions during a lavish mid-summer day poolside prize-giving party, hosted by and at Marco Trombetti’s Translated villa headquarters in Rome.
  • Explorer (28) cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line, Cowes, at 17:35 UTC on 13 May after 69d 0h 35m 52s. They are the last finisher of the 2023 Ocean Globe Race.
  • Translated 9 (09) cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line at 06:29 UTC.
  • Sterna (42) cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line at 10:37 UTC.
  • Evrika (07) cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line at 02:28 UTC.
  • Galiana WithSecure (06) cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line at 23:12 UTC.
  • White Shadow (17) cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line at 17:32 UTC.
  • Triana (66) cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line at 16:25 UTC.
  • Maiden (03) officially win the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race taking first in IRC rankings becoming the first ever all-women crew to win an around the world yacht race.
  • Maiden (03) Maiden recreate Whitbread history with a parade of sail down Southampton Water, joined by a flotilla of boats.
  • Outlaw (08) cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line at 13:39 UTC after 43 days at sea ranking 6th in line honours and IRC for Leg 4.
  • Maiden (03) makes a triumphant return to home waters in strong winds and choppy waters. The former Whitbread Yacht crosses the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line after 41 days at sea.
  • Neptune (56) are fourth across the line with provisional 3rd in IRC for Leg 4 after 41 days at sea. Parkinson’s sufferer Bertrand Delhom completes his dream and spreads inspiration worldwide.
  • Spirit of Helsinki (71) cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line, Cowes, after 40 days at sea and 6656 nm sailed. The Swan 651 takes 3rd in line honours, a provisional 4th in IRC and 1st in Sayula Class for Leg 4.
  • French ex-Whitbread winner L’Esprit d’équipe (85) crosses the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line, Cowes, after 39 days at sea and 6768 nm sailed, taking second in line honours for Leg 4. The 1985 Whitbread winner just missed out on taking 1st in IRC from French rival Pen Duick VI (14) by 1hr and 54 mins.
  • Pen Duick VI (14) are first to cross the Leg 4 finish line in Cowes, UK, after 37 challenging days at sea and 6814 nm sailed.
  • Translated 9 (09) contact OGR control to advise that the repair has completely failed and report slow water ingress. While not expected, all preparations to abandon ship were made with weather a moderate 25-30 knots and 3-4 metre seas. They are bound for Portugal to effect repairs with an ETA of around 11-12th April.
  • Translated 9 (09) contact OGR control to advise that during heavy weather they broached heavily resulting in loads that caused the delamination of their previous rudder skeg repairs. They alter course sailing to the east under reduced sail to monitor and assess the situation better.
  • As a result of their collision with Triana, Evrika (07) report that the pulpit and bowsprit are "off" and they have cut them in order to secure the bow. The tube of the furler (on which we have also detected a crack) broke suddenly in 25 knots of wind. They are now sailing without any genoas and only using staysail.
  • Emotional goodbyes as 137 sailors set sail for Cowes, UK in the final leg of McIntyre Ocean Globe Race. Spirit of Helsinki (71) are first across the start line.
  • Sterna (42) and Explorer (28) arrive in Punta del Este. Translated 9 (09) is heading north from the Falkland Islands after major hull repairs to join the rest of the fleet.
  • Spanish entrants White Shadow (17) struggle across the line in non-existent winds at 07:09 UTC on 21st February with a damaged mainsail making progress even more difficult.
  • French yacht Evrika (07) finally cross the Punta del Este finish line at 22:42 UTC after 37 days at sea.
  • L’Esprit d’équipe (85) finish leg 3 at 07:12 UTC, Galiana WithSecure (06) 09:58 UTC and Outlaw (08) 14:28 UTC after 35 days at sea.
  • Triana (66) arrive in Punta del Este taking first in IRC for Cape Horn Leg 3.
  • Spirit of Helsinki (71) cross the finish line just 43 minutes ahead of Maiden at 02:17 UTC after 33 days at sea. Maiden (03) arrive at 03:01 UTC. Neptune (56) cross the line at 20:32 UTC.
  • White Shadow (17) report a broken forestay. The mast was immediately secured with no crew injuries.
  • Pen Duick VI (14) are first across the Leg 3 finish line in Punta del Este after 30 days of hard racing.
  • Explorer (28) loses steering west of Cape Horn and hoves to under trysail and emergency rudder. Storm weather drops back over the next few days from 28 knots gusting 45 with 7 metre seas.
  • Galiana WithSecure (06) tweets to inform loss of safety gear from the stern despite extra lashings and the cockpit flooded. In the past 36 hours the wind had unexpectedly intensified to well over 50 knots and seas to 6-7 metres.
  • Marco Trombetti, owner of Translated 9 (09) contact OGR Race Control to report 2 cracks in the stern of the hull. Captain Simon Curwen makes the decision to seek shelter 150 miles south in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, to survey the damage.
  • Maiden (03), Spirit of Helsinki (71) and Neptune (56) make the Cape Horn passage within hours of each other.
  • Translated 9 (09) pass Cape Horn at 10:29 UTC and just half a mile from the coast, continuing the leaderboard battle towards Punta del Este, Uruguay.
  • Pen Duick VI (14) is first to round Cape Horn at 04:51 UTC in ‘perfect’ Southern Ocean winds.
  • Explorer (28) leaves Auckland in light headwinds after a delayed start due to a faulty injection pump.
  • 13 iconic OGR yachts scramble across the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron start line and race towards Cape Horn at the start of Leg 3.
  • Sterna (42) arrives in Auckland after 63 days, 12 hours and 7 minutes at sea.
  • Explorer (28) arrives in Auckland after 63 days, 11 hours and 7 minutes at sea.
  • Christmas in Auckland for the OGR crews, with 2 boats still at sea: Sterna (42) and Explorer (28).
  • White Shadow (17) cross the finish line after 46 days, 7 hours and 19 minutes at sea.
  • Neptune (56) cross the finish line at 20:14 (NZDT) after 40 days, 19 hrs and 14 mins at sea.
  • Evrika (07) tacks into current along the finish line at 15:29:13 after 41 days, 14 hrs, 29 mins at sea.
  • Galiana WithSecure (06) finish just 2.5 hrs behind Outlaw at 05:04:47 after 42 days 4 hrs 4 mins racing.
  • Outlaw (08) cross the finish line at 02:33:23 after 42 days 1 hr 33 seconds at sea.
  • L’Esprit d’équipe (85) take 5th in line honours crossing the line at 17:40:03 hrs (NZDT) after 39 days 16hrs 40 mins at sea.
  • Maiden (03) cross the finish line at 07:39:01 (NZDT) accompanied by Steinlager 2 and Lion New Zealand after 38 days of racing. Fourth in line honours and provisional fifth in IRC.
  • Spirit of Helsinki (71) cross the finish line at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron just 2 hr 41 mins behind Pen Duick VI, claiming provisional 3rd in IRC.
  • Pen Duick VI (14) are second to cross the Leg 2 finish line, provisional 7th in IRC, after 37 days of Southern Ocean racing.
  • After 36 days and 7500 nm of racing Translated 9 (09) triumphs taking first in line honours, Provisional IRC and Flyer Class in Leg 2.
  • Sterna (42) leaves Mossel Bay Harbour after carrying out extensive work to their rudder. Leg 1 skipper Rufus Brand steps down due to unexpected family medical issues, with chief mate Melissa Du Toit replacing him as skipper to Auckland.
  • Godspeed (01) officially announce their withdrawal from the OGR.
  • Explorer (28) experiences experiences a strong squall that results in the loss overboard of the genoa and damage to the lower sections of the reefing gear. They change course and return to Cape Town. Receiving outside assistance means they will be removed from the rankings in Leg 2, but remain in the event.
  • Sterna (42) experiences a water ingress issue that will require a return to port.
  • Neptune (56) is back racing after diversion to Port Elizabeth, SA, to repair their rudder. No crew went ashore and it was confirmed that the communications bag seals were not compromised nor did they receive outside assistance.
  • Godspeed (01) are the final boat to arrive in Cape Town after 58 days at sea.
  • Neptune (56) calls OGR emergency line 1 to advise they may have a possible problem with their steering shaft and tiller and would make for Port Elizabeth for a full check.
  • Eleven OGR yachts set sail for Auckland at the start of Leg 2. Three yachts fail to make the start line: Sterna is delayed by a day due to rigging work, Explorer only arrived the day before race start, and Godspeed are still over 400 miles from Cape Town.
  • The much anticipated arrival of skipper Mark Sinclair aka 'Captain Coconut' and his Explorer crew on 4 November as they cross the Cape Town finish line.
  • Sterna (42) are twelfth to cross the Cape Town finish line.
  • Evrika (07) are eleventh to cross the Cape Town finish line.
  • At approximately 22:55 UTC, Cape Town MRCC calls OGR Control to report a PLB distress activation from MRCC UK in the vicinity of Sterna (42). A large wave hitting the boat from astern causes a false activation of the crew PLB. The code red is cancelled and direct calls with both Sterna and Evrika confirm all is well on board.
  • Skipper Tapio Lehtinen and his crew on Galiana WithSecure (06) are tenth to arrive in Cape Town on Saturday 28 October.
  • White Shadow (17) are ninth to cross the Cape Town finish line in the early hours of Saturday 28 October.
  • Triana (66) are eight to cross the Cape Town finish line on Friday 27 October.
  • Neptune (56) are seventh to cross the Cape Town finish line on Friday 27 October.
  • Outlaw (08) arrive in Cape Town, 6th in line honours, having taken the most easterly route in the race, hugging the West African coast.
  • L’Esprit d’équipe (85) arrive in Cape Town after 45 days of sailing, taking 5th in line honours.
  • Maiden (03) arrive in Cape Town in gusty 45kt head winds, slowing their final approach to the finish line.
  • Translated 9 (09) arrive at the V&A Waterfront Marina, Cape Town, in 60 knot gusts at 01:48 UTC after 40 days at sea. The Swan 65 comes third in line honours, but wins the first-place IRC handicap ranking.
  • Pen Duick VI (14) cross the Cape Town finish line at 17:06 UTC scooping second place in line honours, surrendering the lead they held for 37 days against Spirit of Helsinki. Skipper Marie Tabarly spends her first night in hospital after being attacked by a Cape fur seal!
  • Spirit of Helsinki (71) are first across the Cape Town finish line, taking line honours for Leg 1. The Swan 651, having sailed for 39 days, 20 hrs and 10 mins and covering 7670 nm from the UK to Cape Town, also took first place in Sayula Class.
  • Explorer (28) reports an ingress of water which has affected the master fuse junction box. Proceeding to Cape Town. All safety gear and emergency comms are secure.
  • Flyer Class Pen Duick VI (14) are first to cross the equator. They are now 337 nm ahead of their closest rival Spirit of Helsinki (71) in Sayula Class.
  • At 08:20 UTC MRCC GRIS NEZ contact OGR Race Control after stating a PLB had been activated. The HEX related to a crew member on board Neptune (56). At 08:25 UTC OGR receives a call from Neptune that the PLB activation was a FALSE ALARM.
  • Outlaw (08) rescues a drifting mariner 90 miles west of Dakar. The lone male, believed to be from Senegal, had no water, limited fuel in 2 small fuel cans, no fishing gear and no sign of a radio.
  • Sterna (42) experiences a major spinnaker broach surfing in strong trades of 25-30kts in 3-4 metre seas. Sterna was pinned down for roughly seven minutes with the spinnaker full of water before the main could be lowered and sheets/guy released. The spinnaker pole was destroyed, but all is well onboard with no injuries.
  • The Skeleton Crew leave Portugal after carrying out repairs to Godspeed (01). OGR Race Control decides that Godspeed will not be considered in any official ranking of Leg 1 but will remain as full entrants and considered as official finishers of Leg 1 once they arrive in Cape Town.
  • Godspeed (01) arrive at Cascais Marina in Portugal to carry out welding repairs. The boom has a crack that spans the entire circumference of the boom just behind the aft edge of the boom vang cradle.
  • Stéphane Raguenes on board Triana (66) is successfully winched out of the liferaft into a helicopter. At 1830 UTC Portugal MRCC advised that the helicopter had landed safely at Funchal Airport on the island of Madeira and Stéphane was being transported to hospital for treatment.
    Watch the rescue video
  • Godspeed (01) contacted OGR Race Control reporting their boom had developed a six-inch crack on both sides above the vang following a few days of heavy weather. The team has lowered the mainsail and secured the boom. No one got injured and there was no further damage to the rig. The Skeleton Crew is now diverting to Cascais, where its shore team is hoping to find a quick replacement for a swift turnaround.
    Listen to their SoundCloud call
  • CODE RED: Triana (66) request immediate medivac of casualty. Portugal MRCC approve a medivac by military helicopter.
  • CODE ORANGE: Stéphane Raguenes, a crew member on board Triana (66) slips on deck causing a severe leg injury. At 15:30 UTC Triana advised they would make for Las Palmas in the Canaries, later altering their course to either Madeira or Porto Santo, approximately 280 miles to the south west.
  • The yachts cross the Royal Yacht Squadron start line at 13:00. The Ocean Globe Race begins!
    Race Start Highlights
  • The Lord Mayor of Southampton opens the Race Village. The countdown begins.
  • Maiden's skipper and crew announced at HMS President, St Katherine Docks, London.
    Video 1 | Video 2
  • Galiana WithSecure, skippered by Tapio Lehtinen, was dismasted at 22:30 local time during the Rolex Fastnet Race. The main mast fell down at the lowest spreaders during heavy weather. All crew returned safely to Gosport to carry out repairs.
  • Press Conference revealing plans for the race village at MDL's Ocean Village Marina.