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Welcome to the second edition of the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race

The 2023 McIntyre Ocean Globe Race made history as the first event of its type in 30 years and what a blast it was – sailors living their dream.

In September 2027 a cannon will fire, heralding the beginning of something extraordinary. Sailors, young and old, men and women, will have the chance to follow their dreams and cross the line on a grand adventure into the unknown again. It’s all about the people and their stories. And reliving those amazing Whitbread races!

With the experience of the 2023 edition and many constructive conversations with entrants and managers, we are proud to publish the new OGR 2027 Pre-Notice of Race. Some additions and improvements include:

  • 26 entries available overall and 4 OGR ‘special invitations’ may be considered. Initially a maximum of 7 entries from any one country will be accepted until 1st January 2026 when this rule may be relaxed.
  • For 2027 OGR any similar OGR style transocean racing yacht, up to 20 metres, launched before 1988 *may* be considered for open entry Flyer Class inclusion, even though it has never entered a Whitbread. This opens the door to hundreds of new yachts currently for sale. Designs that would be approved are the ones that look and feel similar to the existing entrants and veteran Whitbread yachts. Acceptance is entirely up to the organiser.
  • Class limits apply: Adventure Class (8 entries), Sayula Class (7 entries), Flyer Class (11 entries). This includes 7 Whitbread + 4 Open Entry. Class limits will cease after January 1st 2026.
  • Chichester Class: After receiving outside assistance, OGR *may* impose a minimum 24 hour time penalty then allowing the entrant to continue to sail in the Chichester Class, rejoining the race and remaining in the rankings of the OGR. A Chichester Class entrant that receives outside assistance of any kind is then outside the rankings for that particular leg.
  • Citations – UFO Observer: An ‘approved’ citations observer must sail on each leg of the OGR and prove a sound knowledge of all types of cetacea, migration routes and identifying characteristics, being able to manage the UFO and Citations Observation Log on board. Each entrant must make best efforts to maintain this log to be handed in at the completion of each leg.
  • Fuel Penalty: At the start of the OGR entrants must fill all onboard fuel tanks. At the stopover ports no entrant may refill any tanks unless OGR approval is given and witnessed by another entrant skipper or mate, who will confirm and report quantity filled on the fuel declaration passed to OGR. At the end of the OGR, all tanks will be filled to determine total fuel consumed by all devices including heaters. 180 litres will be deducted to allow for motoring to start line, marina finish and mandatory Monday motor days. A time penalty of 10 minutes per litre consumed will be added to the yachts finish time on the water.
  • OGR Code of Conduct: This covers all entrants, crew and associated teams and participants and the way they are expected to act in appropriate ways and also to ensure that they are always acting in the best interests of the OGR and never bring it or others involved into disrepute.
  • Starlink is Mandatory: with 6 minutes of video, 4 pictures and 500 words allowed one day a week.
  • Weather Fax is no longer mandatory but highly recommended.
  • Entrant Sponsor Signage increased on entrant yachts.
  • Sails: Reduced to 10 for one mast and 12 for two masts.
  • Crew need to show ability to activate their PLB eyes shut with one hand.
  • Combined PLB-AIS Beacons in one unit, specifically banned.

Notice of Race

Please read the Notice of Race carefully before emailing any questions.


If you would like to take part in OGR2027, please supply as much information to support your application as possible and return the completed document to

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