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Ocean Globe Race one month out! Follow the fleet on SS Shieldhall at the start

British skipper Clare Francis MBE and the crew of ADC Accutrac together in 1977 Whitbread. They’re looking forward to meeting the crew of Translated 9 at the Whitbread Reunion on Sept 5th in the MDL Race village. Photo Credit: Dr Nick Milligan

30 Days Until The Starting Gun!

  • We preview all OGR entrants. It’s time to nail your colours to the mast!  
  • Book an unforgettable day on the start line, enjoy lunch onboard Steamship Shieldhall with Sir Chay Blyth and Barry Pickthall for expert commentary and amazing views following the fleet out.

As 14 teams sail their yachts toward MDL’s Ocean Village Marina in Southampton, it’s time to step back 50 years! Dust off those denim flares, buckle up your platforms and get those cassette players rocking. The Ocean Globe Race is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Whitbread Race the best way possible, by sailing around the world like it’s 1973. Get ready to follow the adventure. 

At 13:00hr, 10th September, the yachts will set sail from the Royal Yacht Squadron start line, Cowes, UK to circumnavigate the globe. The Ocean Globe Race is like no other as it’s a race in keeping with the spirit of the original Whitbread races. ‘Ordinary’ sailors compete with sextants and paper charts, but without phenomenal budgets, foils and computers. Amateurs young and old are chasing dreams.

A return to slower times without satellites, non-GPS days with ordinary people sailing classic yachts on life defining adventures around Cape Horn. A simple display of what courage, passion and the human spirit can achieve.

The Race

Fourteen yachts, hailing from eight different countries, including seven former Whitbread yachts, have accepted the challenge with 22 nations represented. They’ll sail on production yachts, or ex-Whitbread yachts, split into three classes. Adventure Class 46-55ft, Sayula Class 56-65ft and Flyer Class, comprising ex-Whitbread yachts from the first three editions.

Split into four legs and sailing around the three great Capes, Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, Australia’s Cape Leeuwin, and South America’s notorious Cape Horn, it’s an epic challenge.    

Leg 1: September 10th – UK to Cape Town, South Africa.

Leg 2: November 5th – Cape Town to Auckland.

Leg 3: January 14th – Auckland to Punta Del Este

Leg 4: March 5th – Punta Del Este to UK

Finish: April 5th – 15th

Triana crew contemplating the meaning of life and the long journey with many unknowns ahead. Triana OGR 2023 Adventure Class Photo Credit: Margault Demasles – Triana

14 Teams face off over eight months! FULL PROFILES HERE

Adventure Class: 47ft – 56ft

Triana FR (66) – Swan 53. Well-known media entrepreneur, skipper Jean d’Arthuys is fulfilling his childhood dream of sailing around the world. His first mate Sébastien Audigane is well known in the professional French sailing community, having already completed six passages of Cape Horn.

GodSpeed USA (01) – Swan 51. The only American entrant, Godspeed is the smallest yacht in the race. Skipper, navy veteran Taylor Grieger, and his Skeleton Crew sail with the mission of providing adventure therapy to military service members suffering from PTSD.

What a bunch of pirates !!! Living life every minute and totally out there…go Skeleton Crew !!! Arriving after their first transatlantic into the Azores, now on their way to the UK! OGR 2023 Adventure Class Photo Credit: Skeleton Crew

Sterna SA (42) – Swan 53. Sterna and her AllSpice Yachting crew will sail home to South Africa on leg one where they have been providing adventure sailing expeditions. It was the 2018 Golden Globe Race that inspired co-founder Dr Gerrit Louw to take on the challenge of the OGR.

Fergus and Melissa practicing sun sights. Sextants and paper charts, a big part of the game throughout the race. OGR 2023 Adventure Class Photo Credit: Sterna (AllSpice Yachting)

Galiana WithSecure FI (66) – Swan 55. One of the two Finnish entries, Galiana WithSecure is skippered by well-known Golden Globe sailor Tapio Lehtinen. He assembled a young crew in honour of the opportunity he was given at the age of 23 when he took part in the 1982 Whitbread Race onboard Skopbank of Finland.

Outlaw AU (08) – Baltic 55. Skippered by Australian sailor Campbell Mackie, this will be Outlaw’s second time around. Formerly known as Equity and Law, she competed in the 1985/86 Whitbread race. Out of the water for over 10 years, she’s been lovingly brought back to life by her passionate crew of former Clipper Round the World Race sailors.

Sayula Class: 56ft-66ft

Explorer AU (28) – Swan 57. Owned by Don McIntyre of McIntyre Adventure, sponsor of the OGR, Explorer is the race’s second Australian entrant. The classic Swan 57 was originally designed for the Whitbread race and is skippered by well-known Golden Globe solo sailor Mark Sinclair, AKA Captain Coconut, with a paying crew seeking adventure.

Spirit of Helsinki FI (71) – Swan 651. Under the name “Fazer Finland” she raced in the 1985/86 Whitbread. Hotel entrepreneur Jussi Paavoseppä purchased her in 2019 for the OGR and completely rebuilt her to follow his lifelong dream.

Evrika FR (07) – Swan 65. Skipper Dominique Dubois is clearly determined to complete the OGR. His first entry Futuro was written off when it fell from its cradle during storm Gérard. Dominique then acquired Evrika to continue his dream. Evrika is well known in the Caribbean as Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright home for 25 years. Now 25 alternating crews will race her around the world. 

White Shadow SP (17) – Swan 57.  Skipper Jean-Christophe Petit is very proud of his young, international team, 22 crew members from eight different countries leading the only Spanish entrant in the race. He sees communication and passion for the OGR as a key to success.

The young crew of White Shadow practicing for the Cirque du Soleil. OGR 2023 Sayula Class Entry Photo Credit: White Shadow
No satellites or GRIB files in the OGR, back to thermal paper, HF radios and weather fax! Sailing like its 1973 means using more traditional equipment like radio direction finders and towing logs. OGR 2023 Sayula Class Entry Photo Credit: White Shadow

Flyer Class: ex-Whitbread yachts from the first three editions.

Maiden UK (03) – 58FT Bruce Farr Design. Maiden, the only UK entry, is a familiar name to many. Tracy Edward MBE skippered the first all-female crew in the 1989 Whitbread. Now the OGR continues the legend. The Maiden Factor’s mission includes raising awareness of the 130 million girls worldwide who are currently unable to access an education. Their program involves fundraising for and supporting community programmes that enable girls into education.

Translated 9 IT (09) – Swan 65. Previously raced as ADC Accutrac by British skipper Clare Francis MBE, the first ever female skipper, coming fifth place in the 1977 Whitbread. The Swan has now been rebuilt and transformed into Translated 9. As the only Italian entrant their diverse crew was selected from over 1 200 applicants.

Pen Duick V1 FR (14) – 73ft Bermudan Ketch. Skippered by Marie Tabarly, Pen Duick VI is the flagship of The Elemen’Terre Project, raising public awareness of the major environmental and social issues. She believes the values of this association bind the team together in a way that goes beyond mere competition. The yacht has a long and even controversial history with the Whitbread, designed specifically for the 1973 race and sailed by Marie’s father, the revered Éric Tabarly, who was forced to abandon the race after two dismastings.

Marie Tabarly at the helm of Pen Duick VI OGR 2023 Flyer Class Entry Photo Credit: Martin Keruzoré

Neptune FR (56) – Aluminum Sloop 60. One of the five French entrants, Neptune sailed in the 1977 Whitbread. Following an extensive restoration, she has a new mission. Crew member Bertrand Delhom is an experienced sailor who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. He’s racing to deliver a message of hope for the seven million Parkinson’s patients in the world, including 200,000 in France.

L’Esprit d’Équipe FR (85) – Export 33. L’Esprit d’Équipe is no stranger to the race, having entered three previous Whitbread races and winning in 1985! She has been lovingly restored to her former glory by her dedicated crew and skipper Lionel Regnier with the hope of repeating their previous successes.

You can sail on Steamship Shieldhall OGR Start ship!!

Join a full-day cruise on board the Steamship Shieldhall, the largest working steamship in Britain and be part of the OGR. Join Sir Chay Blyth as the Official starter. Experience the thrill of the Royal Yacht Squadron start line. Breakfast will be served as you set sail from Southampton, accompanied by OGR patron Sir Chay Blyth and Whitbread expert Barry Pickthall, who will provide race commentary throughout the day. As part of the exclusive event, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the engine room with its original steam engines at work and the bridge with traditional instruments and brass work. 

OCEAN GLOBE RACE 2023 – COPYRIGHT FREE for Editorial Use Join the Steamship Shieldhall for #OGR2023 race start and the chance to be part of the action. Credit: Jame Shadbolt

Being on the official committee vessel, you’re in the heart of the action as the Royal Yacht Squadron cannon fire and the start flags are raised. You’ll enjoy lunch while following the yachts out towards the Needles. Guests will also be presented with a Limited-Edition Ocean Globe Race Commemorative Gold Coin, a very special gift, not for sale to the public. Later that afternoon a charcuterie and cheese board will be served as the Shieldhall returns to Southampton after an unforgettable day on the water.

For more information and to book tickets for this wonderful opportunity to wave off family and friends as they sail toward Cape Town click the link here.

MDL Race village opens 29th August!

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