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Ocean Globe Race Entrants Conference announced and Press Conference scheduled for Les Sables d’Olonne France on June 29th 2021

The 2023 Ocean Globe Race (OGR) is a fully crewed retro-race celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first ever crewed race around the world, the 1973 Whitbread Race. It was inspired by the 1968 Golden Globe Race, the first ever solo non-stop race around the world.

Due to set sail from Europe on 10th Sept. 2023 the 27,000-mile OGR is sailed in four legs around the world with South Africa, Australia and South America as stopovers. Yachts allowed to enter are similar to those used in the 1973 edition and navigation must be by sextant using the stars and paper charts with music provided by cassette tapes!

A fleet of 24 yachts from 14 countries are currently entered and many new sailors are considering an entry. The scheduled OGR Entrants Conference will provide information, answer questions and introduce the management team. It’s also a chance for official entrants to meet for the first time.

‘We look forward to welcoming entrants and those interested in OGR to Les Sables d’Olonne and introducing our Race Director for the first time’, said Organiser and Race Chairman Don McIntyre. ‘This is our first window of opportunity with Covid to hold a Press Conference in person and by Zoom around the world.’ 

Invitation to the OGR Entrant’s Conference Les Sables d’Olonne France June 29th 14:30 to 17:30 at the offices of McIntyre Adventure overlooking the Vendee Globe Marina.

Who can attend?

Official OGR Entrants and Registered owners interested in Entering the OGR.  RSVP by 24th June is required. Numbers are strictly limited.

What will happen?

Meet the OGR Team, fellow entrants and crew. Attending entrants will introduce their campaigns, the OGR team will update on latest developments and Logistic plans for the OGR, respond to questions, then work through the Pre-Notice of Race discussing all aspects. If you’re thinking of entering a yacht in the OGR, this is your chance to get all the answers.

Will OGR Yachts attend?

Three yachts are confirmed, Adventure Class Swan 55, Sayula Class Swan 651 and Flyer Class Les Spirit E’quipe (Export 33).

Can you join the Zoom Conference?

Non-Attending OGR Official Entrants can join. If you are an owner who has declared plans to enter the OGR and confirmed the preferred Class, but not yet entered, you may also join.   

Note: An Official Entrants ONLY dinner will be held at 1900hrs.

Who can attend?

Official OGR entrants and registered Press. Due to our COVID action plan an RSVP is required by 28 June. Numbers in the room are controlled. Interested OGR entrants and sponsors may be admitted depending on numbers.

What will happen?

The OGR team will introduce attending entrants, discuss latest developments, Announce the appointment of OGR Race Director and open to media questions. (French Translation of key elements LIVE) Photo Opportunities, one on one interviews and three Boat inspections on the Vendee Globe Marina. A lunch will be held for media and attending OGR Official Entrants. 

Can International media attend on Zoom?

Yes, registered PRESS will be given access to the conference on Zoom and are able to ask Questions during the Press Conference.

Will the Press Conference be streamed on OGR Facebook LIVE?


Contact for enquires or RSVP.

Media alerts/invitations will be sent to all press on Monday 21 June.



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