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Ocean Globe Race Entrant Update No.2 (2021)

Hi Everyone,

Jane and I hope you’re all happy and healthy and if in the Northern Hemisphere you’re enjoying the most of the extra sun coming soon. We continue to be very busy in all areas and are looking forward to sharing some good news once Covid slows down a little.

As you will see here, we are ready to start promoting OGR around the world once again. The first of our regular Press Releases is just days away. Our video production team is ready to go and soon many more sailors around the world will hear of the 2023 OGR for the first time. They will hope to enter only to discover we are nearly full! On that note, if you are looking for crew, there are over 1000 now on the Interested Entrants Facebook Page all looking for a boat. Passionate to join this exciting race.

Your PRE-invitation to OGR Press Conference Les Sables d’Olonne France Tuesday 22 June 2021. 

We have decided to take the initiative of scheduling the first of a series of Press Conferences and entrants get togethers in the belief that travel may be easier by then. Covid may be talking a rest? All Entrant owners and skippers are invited. We are particularly keen to have a few entrant yachts here on the Vendee Marina. If you think you can sail your yacht to Les Sables, please let us know and we will reserve your complimentary marina berth. If you think you could attend the activities this day please let us know and we will reserve an OFFICIAL INVITATION for you and forward it approx. four weeks before the event once we have a better understanding of the Covid situation and schedule for the day. The Press Conference is scheduled for the morning and then moved to the Vendee Marina for Photo shoots on yachts with Skipper interviews etc. This will be followed by a lunch briefing for the media and VIP’s. The afternoon we hold a short conference for all OGR entrants, Owners, and skippers to brief all aspects of the OGR and answer questions etc. That evening we will schedule the first ever OGR Owners & Partners Dinner.  Traveling to Les Sables you can fly into Nantes from around the EU and catch a connecting train to Les Sables. From Paris catch the fast train direct to Les Sables.

Adventure Class

Officially full and now CLOSED. Currently we have one yacht on the waitlist. No more waitlist entrants will be accepted. Expected future high demand for Sayula Class and Flyer Class has driven a decision to close the Adventure Class. Both Sayula Class and Flyer Class remain open and we will take Waitlist entries once they are full.  

Classic Challenge

We are still fielding comments, suggestions and recommendations from interested teams on various subjects. They are focused mainly on sails and crew composition with interest also in the course. What we can say for now, is that we continue to absorb that input and will act on most of the suggestions. The final NOR will not be completed until we receive final input from the first four Official Entrants. We are certain all will be happy with the outcome.   

OGR Entrant Website Profile Photos

Quite a few entrants are still behind on sending their best profile and yacht photos. Jane will email those we are waiting for and make another request. For now, our OGR website is a Holding and Information site. It has a simple Entrant Profile section. We are now in the process of designing and building the new Official 2023 OGR site. It is important that we have the best possible material for all entrants to both promote you and show the world who is involved. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

OGR NOR Entrant sponsor signage

In the years leading up to the start of the 2023 OGR, it is entirely free for any entrant to use any sponsor signage on their yacht or sails etc. The signage restrictions and designated areas do not take effect until a certain date stated in the NOR. At that time all entrants must comply. Make sure you are aware of those restrictions before making permanent signage on sails that are outside those regulations and cannot be later removed or your new sails? May not be approved for the Race.  

NOR Clarifications

Many are currently making decisions on boat refit and equipment in general. Remember, we are always here to give you quick answers on any issues to stop any confusion, or pain later during safety inspections or Registration processes. You can email, Phone or Skype remembering we are on FRENCH time. We also welcome a simple Skype call simply to meet for the first time and talk about the OGR in general.  Most answers are usually in the NOR, BUT, ask us if you’re unsure. Better to be right at the beginning than have to change something at the last minute. Remember too that in some cases we can offer dispensations up until you make your official Registrations. After that there are no dispensations. 

Two Satellite Phones

These are critical for safety during the race. Some entrants already own 9555 iridium phones which are the only ones authorised for the race. If you wish to use them for the OGR and they are more than 6 months old, you will be required to have them checked and recertified by an authorised iridium phone service centre within two months of the start. You then need to provide the service certificate or purchase receipt showing the phone serial number as proof. NEW! It will be required to fit an EXTERNAL ‘Iridium approved’ antenna. There are many types available such as 

An amendment will be made to the NOR later.  You will be required to use the OGR Iridium SIM for the phones during the race. These are security sealed into the phone and if the seal is broken you will activate a penalty. You will open an account with them and will need a credit card to pay the monthly account. You will receive a copy and so will OGR. WE monitor all incoming and outgoing sat. phone and SMS traffic to ensure compliance with the NOR. 

Safety Equipment Security Seal

All panic bags and emergency water will be security sealed for the 2023 OGR. Pre-NOR amendment to follow. You need to consider this when devising your panic bag and how you plan to evacuate with it. During the safety inspection after checking, you will need to repack it all and then the inspector will seal it. If your container or bag cannot be effectively sealed you will need to organise a new bag or container. Breaking the seal will activate a penalty. The life raft will be sealed in position.  

OGR and Ocean Globe Race Logos

A reminder that the correct style and colour of the OGR logo needs to be maintained at all times when you use them on anything. If we see an entrant using a different incorrect style or colour logo etc, we will ask it to be corrected or removed. The registered OGR brand is now very important and we are protecting it for you and us into the future. Thanks for helping. A reminder that as an entrant you may use the logo on anything. You can develop your own clothing with OGR logos, but you cannot sell anything with an OGR logo on it. You can give away any merchandise with OGR logos. If you wish to sell anything with an OGR Logo, you need to first notify us with the details of the product and logo positions etc. Small quantities we can approve at no cost. Commercial quantities may require a licence fee. Your sponsors cannot use the OGR Logo without approval from us. It will be given free, but only in association with you promoting your OGR entry and not for their commercial brand purposes. A rights fee and license may be required for that, so please check with us.  

Spinnaker Ties

Wool and biodegradable ties are still approved for OGR and so are zippered sleeves integrated into the spinnaker for hoisting only, as a more ecological option. 

Bio Fouling

Entrants will be required to submit the technical details and ‘Environmental Approvals’ of the chosen Antifouling systems used on their entered yacht with the final registration forms. This information will remain confidential to the organisers. 

2023 OGR Entrant Profile Video Clips

Our Media Production and Distribution team are now ready to produce professional video clips on ALL OGR ENTRANTS international media and social media. Traveling to countries to interview you with COVID restrictions is impossible. If you wish to be part of this we need your help NOW! This is NOT part of your scheduled Media requirements. THIS STARTS TODAY AND EVERY DAY GOING FORWARD! We are asking you to send in ongoing best quality video clips in a very simple way. If you jump onboard with this opportunity, have good vision with simple composition and excellent audio. You are dealing with some of the best producers in the industry who will make you and your OGR campaign look very slick indeed. They will email you soon and ask for the vision and if you have any questions. Right now, this is the single most important activity for the OGR!  Remember a good microphone only costs about €50 and a simple tripod (or friend holding a €100 gimbal) and thinking about basic lighting and composition is simple and makes a huge difference. This should be seen as a fun project and could be delegated to one of your team or crew members.  The quality of what you supply will determine the final product telling YOUR STORY. Many regular productions are scheduled now and as we move toward the start.  We are keen to get them up as soon as possible. Here is the official invitation and instructions on how to do it….GOOD LUCK and thanks for making the effort.

From the 2022 OGR Media Production and Distribution Team

I would like to introduce you to Melissa Payne (CEO – Media) and Gary Norman (Head of Operations – Media).

They have set up a ‘media portal’ or cloud if you prefer, where you can upload material that you shoot, for us to create content for social media, programming etc. We want to start as soon as possible, as there are some great stories to tell and it all helps your sponsors, our sponsors, the ‘brand’, So, with a little effort on your part, it’s a win, win, for everyone.

Whatever camera you have, maybe even a phone (most of which contain decent lenses), however insignificant you think the footage may be, trust me, it could be useful. From working on your boats to working out what provisions to take, your supplies list, it could be used. An introduction to camera from you, as to who you are, a bit about your background, information and history on your boat, your crew (OGR), your family (including your pets who will miss you too). Get the kids involved – future directors or get them in front of the camera and get them to interview you (future presenters). What are your interests and dislikes? What other sporting passions do you share? (will you miss the golf course, or running track) etc. We want to know all about YOU, it will give us an insight and understanding about you AND, we can commence creating social media awareness AND, more importantly we can create a biopic of you – as you hopefully upload material over the coming weeks and months. A biopic, which tells your story, your background, your aims/ambitions, family history; we can use these to tell your story as you sail around the globe.

We will send out a monthly e-mail, with a few reminders, a few thankyous (to those uploading material) and a few pointers about how to improve what you film. Today it’s FRAMING of shots and here’s a short video that may help with that:

4 Framing & Composition Techniques for Beginners | Photography & Video Training – YouTube

That will help you compose better photos and videos and I’ll send ones on sound and lighting in due course. To begin the process of using the ‘cloud’ please contact Jeremy Bronitt at this email address (Emails address hided from website, if you need, please contact admin) If you designate someone to upload content for you, or you do this yourself,  Jeremy will arrange access for you to the ‘cloud’, a simple procedure and he’ll advise you (or your appointed), if necessary, of anything you need to do.

Melissa and Gary have in excess of 50 years TV and production experience, and want to make this easy for you, to create better content. We are planning on producing content from now onwards, what you think may not be interesting, it may still help tell a story.

We will also arrange a tutorial, at some point, to make things even easier, but feel free to get in touch with us/Jeremy, start filming, start uploading and start the ball rolling on what we all want to be a successful build-up to this iconic event.

Feel free to reach out directly to the team.

Good luck to all and keep the dream alive. 2.5 years to go and that clock never stops… Tick Tock!

All the very best and warm regards

Don and Jane



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