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Please note that the logos you see on this page are for accredited media use only. This means that they are reserved for use by journalists, news organisations, and other media outlets that have been officially recognised and approved. If you are a member of the media and would like to use our logos, please register first at

‘Ocean Globe Race’

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‘Ocean Globe Race 2023’

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The shortcut of the logo will be only used for special defined applications where the length of the original logo is oversized e.g. online navigation, social media profiles, corner logo etc.

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All logos in white with transparent background

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O°G°R 2023 with flag

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O°G°R Logo Font

The font used for the OGR logo is AVENIR.

Additions (e.g year of the race, usage variations) can be added if needed. Those will appear in the same size and colour placed next to the logo or shortcut and will only be defined by Ocean Globe Race. We will be happy to assist you with your request and provide you with the necessary materials to ensure that your use of our logos is accurate and in compliance with our guidelines.


HTML: 00A3E0

R: 0
G: 163
B: 224

C: 86
M: 8
Y: 0
K: 0

PMS (print – coated paper) PMS 299 C
PMS (print – uncoated paper) PMS 2925

McIntyre Adventure Logo

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Please do not alter, stretch or condense the logo or realign any of the logo components.

  • Do not reconfigure or recreate the logo design in any way
  • Do not add type or any other design element to the logo
  • Do not change or alter the colours of the logo
  • Do not add other design elements to the logo (e.g. outlines, strokes or drop shadow)
  • Do not use any self-created tagline

Please click here to download the OGR style guide. If you have questions regarding correct usage of our logos, please ask:


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