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IRC Handicap Results

The IRC handicap is a method of rating different boat designs based on their physical measurements, allowing them to race together. The higher the IRC handicap number, the faster the boat’s potential speed due to its length, weight, draft, rig size, sail area, and other specific characteristics.

Note: The corrected elapsed time displayed in the following table includes adjustments due to any time penalties applied throughout the leg.

1Translated 97505 NM1.12012 Dec 00:2536d 12h 25m 22s40d 21h 35m 37s
2Triana7514 NM1.06015 Dec 14:2840d 2h 28m 54s42d 12h 13m 50s
3Spirit of Helsinki7716 NM1.19612 Dec 15:2337d 3h 23m 2s44d 10h 5m 42s
4Maiden7610 NM1.16213 Dec 18:3938d 6h 39m 1s44d 11h 28m 18s
5Pen Duick VI7738 NM1.21712 Dec 12:4137d 0h 41m 20s45d 1h 32m 4s
6Galiana WithSecure7669 NM1.07617 Dec 16:0442d 4h 4m 47s45d 8h 59m 52s
7Evrika7706 NM1.10017 Dec 02:2941d 14h 29m 13s45d 18h 20m 8s
8Neptune7872 NM1.13516 Dec 07:1440d 19h 14m 42s46d 7h 26m 35s
9L’Esprit d’équipe7709 NM1.16015 Dec 16:4040d 4h 40m 3s47d 3h 0m 51s
10Outlaw7582 NM1.12517 Dec 13:3342d 1h 33m 23s47d 7h 45m 3s
11White Shadow7807 NM1.09521 Dec 19:1946d 7h 19m 42s50d 16h 54m 16s
12Sterna8392 NM1.06908 Jan 00:0763d 12h 7m 43s67d 21h 17m 37s
13Explorer8444 NM1.09707 Jan 23:0763d 11h 7m 49s69d 14h 52m 26s

Line Honours Results

Line honours is the term given to the first boat to cross the finish line. The line honours results displayed below also take into account adjustments due to any time penalties applied throughout the leg.

1Translated 97505 NM12 Dec 00:2536d 12h 25m 22s36d 12h 25m 22s
2Pen Duick VI7738 NM12 Dec 12:4137d 0h 41m 20s37d 0h 41m 20s
3Spirit of Helsinki7716 NM12 Dec 15:2337d 3h 23m 2s37d 3h 23m 2s
4Maiden7610 NM13 Dec 18:3938d 6h 39m 1s38d 6h 39m 1s
5Triana7514 NM15 Dec 14:2840d 2h 28m 54s40d 2h 28m 54s
6L’Esprit d’équipe7709 NM15 Dec 16:4040d 4h 40m 3s40d 16h 40m 3s
7Neptune7872 NM16 Dec 07:1440d 19h 14m 42s40d 19h 14m 42s
8Evrika7706 NM17 Dec 02:2941d 14h 29m 13s41d 14h 29m 13s
9Outlaw7582 NM17 Dec 13:3342d 1h 33m 23s42d 1h 33m 23s
10Galiana WithSecure7669 NM17 Dec 16:0442d 4h 4m 47s42d 4h 4m 47s
11White Shadow7807 NM21 Dec 19:1946d 7h 19m 42s46d 7h 19m 42s
12Sterna8392 NM08 Jan 00:0763d 12h 7m 43s63d 12h 7m 43s
13Explorer8444 NM07 Jan 23:0763d 11h 7m 49s63d 11h 7m 49s


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