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FUN Farewell McIntyre Ocean Globe Press Conference. 3 Days Race Start

McIntyre OCEAN GLOBE 2023 - COPYRIGHT FREE for Editorial Use. All smiles from the crews and Patron Sir Chay Blyth assembled together for a “Happy Snap” with just three days to go before the great adventure begins! The oceans are calling. Credit: Tim Bishop/PPL
  • OGR race patron Sir Chay Blyth, Barry Pickthall AKA Mr. Whitbread, Whitbread Veterans Brian Hancock and Butch Dalrymple-Smith inspire skippers and crews with their stories.
  • Race skippers reveal their thoughts on setting off on their eight-month adventure, starting 13:00hr September 10th from the Royal Yacht Squadron Fastnet Start line.
  • First coveted Green Card issued to South African entrant Sterna SA (42) / All Spice Yachting. Two yachts are not yet prepared and under pressure to make it to the start line? 

Media interest is growing fast in the McIntyre Ocean Globe (OGR) with international media flying in to attend the farewell OGR Press Conference in MDL marina, Southampton and many more registering for the start! With 14 yachts, representing 8 countries and crew from 23 nations, the eyes of the world will be on the Royal Yacht Squadron start line, Cowes, UK on September 10th. Follow the start LIVE on OGR Facebook/YouTube at 12.30 local

Don McIntyre, OGR Race Founder and Sponsor, opened the press conference.

It’s really, truly hard to believe that this epic adventure is about to start in a few days. Everyone is looking really good. There’s a huge challenge ahead, a huge adventure and none of us know what’s going to happen other than the fact it’s going to be amazing. Thanks for your passion, your commitment, your blood, sweat and tears over the years to get here. The thing I want to stress is, just enjoy the ride, I’m sure you will.

Don McIntyre, OGR Race Founder and Sponsor.

OGR race patron, Sir Chay Blyth, who skippered Great Britain II in the first Whitbread gave some advice to the 14 skippers on crossing the line in first position.

McIntyre OCEAN GLOBE 2023 – COPYRIGHT FREE for Editorial Use. OGR Patron giving advice to the new kids on the block. Credit: Tim Bishop/PPL

We won nine out of the 11 trophies. Can you imagine that? It wasn’t that we sailed really well, it was because of attrition, you guys got to watch that. Attrition is the name of the game. If you’ve broken down you aren’t going to win. And remember this little adage, great parties before and great parties after, it’s the bit in between we don’t like.

OGR race patron, Sir Chay Blyth

Tim Mayer, Sales and Marketing Director at MDL Marinas, who also celebrate their 50th anniversary this year, recognised another thing MDL Marinas and the OGR have in common is encouraging people to fulfill their potential.

We both want to inspire people to do things they might not have thought of doing before. The one thing we’ve seen through the last 10 days is the crews are actually inspiring the next generation. What you’ve all decided to do is dream big. You’ve stopped talking about it and started to do it. And that is a great message to not only the people of the UK and the wider world, but the people of Southampton.

Tim Mayer, Sales and Marketing Director at MDL Marinas

Barry Pickthall AKA Mr Whitbread, Whitbread Veterans Brian Hancock, Butch Dalrymple-Smith and the 14 skippers all spoke at the conference.

Meanwhile, back on the docks, frantic yacht preparations continue – but for one lucky entrant, it’s time to have a beer. Sterna SA (42) /All Spice Yachting‘s hard work, grit and determination finally paid off. They were the first yacht in the fleet to receive the coveted Green Card, meaning they can start the race on Sunday. Every yacht has to undergo a mind-boggling number of checks, inspections, medical and safety courses and nautical miles before being granted that card.

We hope to be the first in many, many more things to come. We’ve really worked super hard on the boat. The boat was in quite a state when our team director, Gerrit Louw, bought her unseen in Covid times. He took a chance. So many hours have gone into this boat and I believe we have a good boat.  On paper, we’re the slowest, but I hope the papers are wrong.

Rufus Brand, skipper of Sterna SA (42) /All Spice Yachting
McIntyre OCEAN GLOBE 2023 – COPYRIGHT FREE for Editorial Use. Skipper of White Shadow ES (17) proud that the years of work has finally paid off. Credit: Tim Bishop / PPL

Jean-Christophe Petit, skipper of the only Spanish entry White Shadow ES (17), knows exactly what is needed to get to the star line of the OGR. 

We were one of the first entries in the race and were a little bit romantic, but then reality pulled us back to earth. We needed a boat and we needed funding. But we decided to remain free and go without a sponsor. So we built a campaign where all the crew participate in the costs and all the refit has been done by us. We have done everything ourselves.

Jean-Christophe Petit, skipper of the only Spanish entry White Shadow ES (17)

But it’s not all going so smoothly for all yachts when it comes to getting their Green Cards. At least two are under extreme pressure with inspections ongoing. Cut off for final inspections is 6PM Friday 8th. After that they will not have another chance to be reassessed until midday Monday, meaning they could miss race start.

McIntyre OCEAN GLOBE 2023 – COPYRIGHT FREE for Editorial Use. The coveted Green Card number two, being awarded to the Galiana WithSecure FI (06) with strong interest from the crew who worked hard to get it! Credit: Tim Bishop / PPL

Spetember 10th, 13:00 hrs SUNDAY – RACE START – Royal Yacht Squadron start line, Cowes, UK. Viewing of the start line can be seen off the beaches in Gurnard, Isle of Wight or Lepe Beach in the New Forest.

Media requiring access to media boats, photos, video, or access to skippers or crew for interview, please contact jac

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McIntyre OCEAN GLOBE 2023 – COPYRIGHT FREE for Editorial Use. The Girls of EXPLORER AU (28) are not coffee drinkers that is certain! And there is only one place to buy TEA! Credit: DD/ OGR2023


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