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Swan 51 (Hull No. 13)


Anders Hultin



Skipper Anders Hultin

I grew up with sailing. In my family we had a small mahogany coastal cruiser. I learnt to sail the hard way when my father left me with the steering watching Björn Borg playing the Wimbledon in the cabin.

In my early twenties I bought my first boat, a 12m, 1.8m wide Skärgårdskryssare from 1928. An excellent and beautiful boat. Later I switched to a long-keeled steady Laurin 28 which I sailed across the Baltic several times.

Over the last 20 years, I have been sailing a Linjett 35. I have sailed the Mediterranean, crossed the Irish Sea but I do not yet have any experience of cross ocean sailing. Since I bought my Swan 51 this summer, I am planning to cross the Atlantic next summer and eventually the Pacific the year after. I have a special relationship to the Whitbread since my stepfather Sven-Erik Sahlin was a boat builder. Among many other boats he built, the Swedish entry, which participated in the Whitbread 1979 (although not very successfully due to unfortunate circumstances). I have plenty of memories running around the boat builders as a small boy and listening to the Swedish Queen when she inaugurated the boat.

First Mate

I have been sailing, yachting and engineering for a little over 20 years and around 80,000Nm. The last 25,000Nm have been as captain/engineer on board a Jongert 2700M with only 2 crew (myself and girlfriend). I have owned my own Roberts 35ft for cruising in north east Australia and also a Farr 24ft for club racing at my local yacht club in Queensland. I have worked both sail and motor in Australia and around the world from 40ft to 88ft. I have sailed the Atlantic east to west twice (once as captain/engineer, once as first mate/engineer) and west to east once as first mate/engineer. I have sailed the Pacific Panama to NZ as captain/engineer and motored NZ to Tahiti as delivery crew/engineer.

No.Name, NationalitySex, AgeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4
1Anders Hultin, SwedishMale
2Deano WatlingMale


LOA51.25 ft / 15.62 m
LWL42.33 ft / 12.90 m
Beam14.67 ft / 4.47 m
Draft8.90 ft / 2.71 m
Displacement18 to
DesignerGerman Frers