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Swan 57

White Shadow

Jean-Christophe Petit

As the only Spanish entry in the Ocean Globe Race, the White Shadow Marítim Barcelona project stands out as an inclusive adventure, spotlighting diversity and the collaborative spirit. Every crew member is a driving force behind this endeavour.

The White Shadow crew encompasses a rich blend of nationalities – Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Argentine, Belgian, and Colombian – spanning ages from 20 to 57.



Digital business entrepreneur and ship owner, Jean-Christophe Petit lived across fours continents in the last 30 years, including a year with his wife and kids, sailing.

He speaks 4 languages fluently, crossed the Atlantic four times, is a regular off shore racer, and sailed across the Mediterranean sea toward Lebanon in support to minorities.

A bit bullish, JC is also a racer and never gives up.

White Shadow

She is the number four hull of the legendary 1978’s Swan 57 built to race the Whitbread. Coming from Italy where she spent most of her life, and won the Barcolana, she has been fully refitted by lovers of preservation, preparing her for future generations, with most equipment remaining in the original state.

No.Name, NationalitySex, AgeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4
1Jean-Christophe Petit, FRAM, 59
2Guillermo Cañardo, ESPM, 50
3Tom Dhyser, FRAM, 23
4Anton Barreiro, ESPM, 58
5Ingrid Banus, ESPF, 44
6Pedro Eurrutia, ESPM, 46
7Metin Balci, TURM, 51
8Nicolas Vienne, FRAM, 25
9Octave Petit, FRAM, 28
10Jacques Vienne, FRAM, 60
11Dario D’Atri, ARGM, 57
12Emile Petit, FRAM, 30
13Gregoire Comby, FRAM, 53
14Djemila Tassin, ESPF, 28
15Mariska Bauwelinck, BELF, 34
16Fatima Ropero, ESPF, 40
17Perrine Van Der Putten, FRAF, 32
18Marion Schrieber, DEUF, 36
19Caroline Grasso, BRAF
20Anna Oddone, ITAF
21Yannick Evenou, FRAM
22Guillaume Penot, FRAM