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Swan 65

Translated 9 (ex ADC ACUTRAK)

Marco Trombetti / Vittorio Malingri

Brand new to sailing, Translated 9 is taking part in the OGR 2023, the most human-centered regatta ever, to prove that ‘we believe in humans’ and to celebrate great humans and great human skills.

It is with the thoughts of Sayula II, who won the first edition of the Whitbread, with a great spirit and non-expert crew, that Translated faces this challenge.

We believe that being a newcomer can allow you to see through potential obstacles and to reshape the boundaries of what is considered possible.

Translated 9 will race with this positive energy, believing that when humans, even outsiders, are driven by great values, such as courage, optimism, diversity, hard work, resilience, and humanity, they can achieve everything.



Marco Trombetti, co-skipper, is also the shipowner of Translated 9. Trombetti is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and investor. In 1999, together with his wife, Isabelle Andrieu, he co-founded Translated, a translation service that pioneered the use of artificial intelligence to help professional translators. Today, Translated is one of the most successful online translation companies in the world. Its mission is to allow people to understand and be understood in their own languages. The willingness to build bridges between cultures and spread these values around the world pushed Marco to embark on the OGR with a crew that mirrors Translated’s values: we believe in humans.


Vittorio Malingri, co-skipper, is a navigator, seaman, and Italian Boat designer. Vittorio, who will also serve as tech manager on the Translated 9, is often referred to as a ‘Master of the Sea’.

The Malingris are legendary sailors in Italy’s racing history. Vittorio’s father, Franco, and uncle, Doi, took part in the first Whitbread Round the World Race in 1973. Vittorio was the first Italian to participate in the Vendée Globe, a solo circumnavigation of the globe with no docking or external assistance provided.

Vittorio’s achievements include several world records, one of which he achieved with his son, Nico.

First Mate

Nico Malingri, the second-born child of Vittorio Malingri, was born in 1991 and grew up on family boats.

He has two international ocean records with his father, 13 ocean crossings in sailing school as an instructor, and has worked for two years with Giovanni Soldini – the Italian skipper who recently set the Tea Route record, sailing from Hong Kong to London in 36 days on the Maserati Multi70 trimaran.

No.Name, NationalitySex, AgeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4
1Marco Trombetti, ItalianMale, 47
2Vittorio Malingri, ItalianMale, 62
3Nico Malingri, ItalianMale, 32

Translated 9

LOA64.57 ft / 19.68 m
LWL47.00 ft / 14.33 m
Beam16.27 ft / 4.96 m
Draft9.60 ft / 2.93 m
Displacement32.9 to
DesignerSparkman & Stephens
Translated9 (ex ADC ACUTRAK)
Marco Trombetti