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Baltic 55


Campbell Mackie

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A boyhood library choice about the last days of the Windjammers and the grain races from South Australia to Europe sparked Campbell Mackie‘s lifelong fascination with all things maritime.

Moving to Port Lincoln in 1962 provided the opportunity to learn to sail and own a boat. The rest is history.

In 1982 whilst working in Singapore, Campbell bought an IOR ½ tonner called Temasek which he and his wife Lorna still sail today. Life is often serendipitous, and so it was for Campbell, when the sale of his business coincided with the opportunity to join the 2015/16 Clipper Round the World Race. Ocean racing was new and fascinating for him, with so much to learn about the craft of seafaring.

A second Clipper experience in the 2017/18 edition as 1st mate on Sanya, the winning boat, cemented his love of ocean sailing. With 70,000 miles of ocean passages completed in 5 years and a chance meeting with Don McIntyre, a new and unimagined prospect of the OGR 2023 emerged. The original Whitbread was the race of Campbell’s generation, and whilst he was in London at the time, he was otherwise committed. So the opportunity to re-enact the achievements of this bygone era proved irresistible. Looking back across the years there is a constant theme and the OGR is a natural progression in this parallel career. Circumnavigating via Cape Horn using only celestial navigation is the next step in his voyage.

First Mate

Rinze Vallinga

Rinze Vallinga started sailing at 6 years old when his parents bought a yacht: from then on practically all weekends and holidays were spent sailing. He expanded his knowledge on aerodynamics, meteorology and navigation during a BSc Aeronautical Operations and then started teaching sailing, discovering the excitement of regattas. Rinze also raised and chaired for multiple years the sailing school regatta jury.

Learning about the OGR awoke a long-lasting dream to sail around the world that started when seeing pictures of the Whitbread at a young age. Stepping into the Spirit of Adelaide team last minute requires some hurried adaptations to daily life but is for sure a very much desired and appreciated sequel of all past endeavours.

No.Name, NationalitySex, AgeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4
1Campbell Mackie, Skipper, AUSM
2Rinze Vallinga, First Mate, NLDM
3John Worby, GBRM
4Lucy Frost, GBRF
5Katie Sarah, AUSF
6Victor Ansart, USAM
7Mehdi Cammoun, FRAM
8Glenn Manchett, GBRM
9Matt Sinnett-Jones, GBR/AUSM
10India Syms, GBRF (U24)
11Benoit Ansart, FRA/USAM
12David Sturge, NZLM
13Michael DaveyM
14Graham MowattM


Outlaw is a Baltic 55 originally built for the 1985/86 Whitbread, competing under the name Equity and Law. Built in Finland back in 1984 to a Douglas Peterson design and Lloyds of London specifications, Outlaw is in a remarkable condition considering her age.

The Spirit of Adelaide crew feel confident in her ability to carry them safely around the world.