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Swan 65 Ketch


Dominique Dubois

Evrika was launched in 1982 and is hull number 36. Like Sayula II, Evrika is ketch-rigged, though she has the longer 24m mainmast from the sloop version, as well as a mizzen mast.

Evrika’s first owner raced her in the 1980s, entering the Fastnet Race and winning the Swan Cup. Her second owner, Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright, practically lived aboard her for 25 years, making the boat famous while cruising in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

I know the Swan 65 well, having owned one for several years. My crew and I have a lot of mileage on this boat. I came across Evrika in Antigua in 2008 in various parts of the world, as Nick Wright’s yacht, and she is to me the best one there is in the world. I am delighted that Richard and myself could come to an agreement. Team Futuro is back on Evrika!

Dominique Dubois


No.Name, NationalitySex, AgeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4
1Dominique Dubois, Skipper, FRAM, 63
2Mirabelle Frantz, FRAF, 61
3Richard Bouy, FRAM, 52
4François Marie, FRAM, 64
5Francois Molinari, First Mate, FRAM, 59
6Constance Dubois, FRAF, 32
7Alex Dubois, FRAM, 56
8Philippe Huon, FRAM, 54
9Eric Dupre, FRAM, 59
10Titouan Schmidt, FRAM, 19RemplaçanteRemplaçanteRemplaçante
11Nicolas Magnan, FRAM, 61
12Xavier Loiret, FRAM, 54
13Dominique Bailly, FRAM, 51
14Patrick Vally, FRAM, 58
15Emma Fournier, FRAF, 22
16Benoit Jego, FRAM, 37
17Antoine Cestari, FRAM, 62
18Nicolas Monomakhoff, FRAM, 62
19Eric Dardare, FRAM, 50
20Gregoire Roubertie, FRAM, 23
21Paul Henry Dubois, FRAM, 36
22Yann Penfornis, FRAM, 56
23Stanette Penfornis, FRAF, 55
24Nicolas Nadaud, FRAM, 59
25Claire Bouy, FRAF, 50RemplaçanteRemplaçante


Evrika has sailed and cruised tens of thousands of ocean miles between the coasts of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. She is now getting ready for the race of her life around the world in her upcoming adventure!