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Swan 51 (Hull No. 9)


Sebastian Gylling


No.Name, NationalitySex, AgeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4
1Sebastian Gylling, FinlandMale, 53
2Pontus Gylling, FinlandMale
3Tuomas Seppänen, FinlandMale
Sebastian Gylling


‘Eira’ is one of the last boats ‘handmade’ by Nautor. The quality is seen everywhere and when you start looking behind panels and floorboards the real nature of this boat reveal itself. The build of the hull, with its powerful matrix frame, stringers, bulkheads and structural components is most convincing and leaves no open questions about durability and strength. The standing rig, with its three forestays, thick rod and massive mast, feels very secure and capable. With a refit and some alterations, she is going to be the perfect yacht for the Ocean Globe Race. ‘Eira’ is the goddess of healing, according to the Norse mythology.

LOA51.25 ft / 15.62 m
LWL42.33 ft / 12.90 m
Beam14.67 ft / 4.47 m
Draft8.90 ft / 2.71 m
Displacement20 to
DesignerGerman Frers