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Baltic 51


Axel Galpy-Massé

During this mythical race, Arctic Stern’s first goal is of course to complete the world tour as fast as possible and to occupy the podium at every step of the way. We want to relive the adventures of the first sailors who completed this race around the world in 1973. We also want to inspire present and future generations of seamen to dream big. However, we have two other objectives that are dear to our heart that we want to achieve during the preparation process, our training and finally throughout the race.

We want to encourage simple living as a voluntarily lifestyle choice and to promote environmental awareness. We will document the difficulties encountered, and the solutions found for each problem, throughout the preparation process and the race, via articles, conferences and video blogs.



Axel Galpy-Massé is an adventurer by nature and a born sailor. His interests and concerns for the environment led him to complete studies in energy engineering and a master’s degree in sustainable development. With his curiosity for the world, he has already traveled over 30 countries, the majority with a backpack, discovering different cultures and different ways of adapting to the environment. Sailing and racing instructor for adults, his sailing experiences include ocean crossing as well as prestigious regattas such as ‘Les Voiles de St-Barth’, the ‘St-Martens Heineken Regatta’ or the ‘Antigua Sailing Week’, on board of a Volvo Ocean 60 with the Canadian team Atlas Ocean Racing, and on board of the former VO65 of Team SCA with the Lithuanian racing team Ambersail II.

First Mate

Richard Mardens is our First Mate. Biologist passionate about marine mammals, he was attracted by the adventure as a second nature from a very young age. Diving instructor and scientific diver, the marine environment clearly occupies a large part of his life. He completed his studies in Biology and graduate studies in science and environmental management. Richard is also a renowned photographer and adventure videographer who takes pleasure in sharing the beauty of nature and the connection that the human has with it. His sailing experiences include ocean crossing as well as prestigious regattas such as ‘Les Voiles de St Barth’, on a Volvo Ocean 60 with the Canadian team Atlas Ocean Racing.

No.Name, NationalitySex, AgeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4
1Axel Galpy-Massé, CanadianMale, 30
2Richard Mardens, SwissMale, 37
3Jean BériauxMale, 40
4France LevesqueFemale, 55
5Mathieu MarzelièreMale, 30
6Jessé Roy-DrainvilleMale, 29
7Anna de PoloFemale, 39

Why do you want to compete in the Ocean Globe Race?

I want to compete in the OGR because of the beautiful challenge it represents for me and my team to race around the world in a traditional way, following the route of the first Whitbread and to be part of an historical regatta I have always dreamed of.

Axel Galpy Massé

When I heard for the first time about the GGR, this long haul regatta around the world, single handed, like in the 80’s, with no GPS and no high-technologies, I said to myself: ‘I would love to participate to a race like that!’ But I also thought that I would rather do a race with that philosophy with a crew. I promised myself that I would participate to such a race if ever it was organised.

The reason for my preference – crew over single-handed – had nothing to do with fear of loneliness, but rather with the desire to share such an experience with others. With my crew members, my project team, and with people in general. In July 2019, when I read about the OGR, I knew right away that this was my race. ‘I must be on the starting line’ I thought ‘or I’ll regret it for the rest of life.’


Designed by the Canadian company C&C and built in Finland in 1980, Venus is a Baltic 51, a high performance and elegance sailboat, of which only 24 models have been built. With her 51 feet long, four double cabins and with a dining room that can accommodate up to 12 people, Venus is the floating ‘chalet’ you’ve always dreamed about. With more than 100,000 nautical miles to her credit, Venus has already made several crossings of the Pacific, sailed in the southern seas of Patagonia and Antarctica, and has even already crossed the mythical Cape Horn!