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Swan 59 (Hull No. 11)


Taylor Grieger

American Odysseus Sailing Foundation, the only U.S. team in the race, is a nonprofit founded in 2019 by U.S. Marine Corps veteran Cameron Albin and U.S. Navy veteran Taylor Grieger with the mission to provide adventure therapy to military service members and veterans through sailing expeditions. AMOD has assembled an all-veteran team race team with representatives from all U.S. military services, the UK and Germany. We look forward to representing the veteran community in this race and sharing our message with the world.



Taylor Grieger is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and co-founder of American Odysseus Sailing Foundation. After serving in the Navy for six years as a rescue swimmer, Taylor led an expedition around Cape Horn on a 36-foot boat to raise awareness for veteran suicide. In addition to being a licensed captain and sailing instructor, Taylor is the co-owner of Cape Horn Tequila, a company he founded to support veterans’ causes. Taylor and his partner reside with their two children in southeast texas, a stone’s throw from Galveston Bay.

First Mate

John Hill was born in New Zealand and raised in the United States. After attending the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, John served for eleven years on active duty as a surface warfare officer and continues to serve in the naval reserves. He currently works as a professional captain with over 50,000 ocean miles under his belt and three Atlantic crossings. John is looking forward to facing the challenges of the OGR alongside his fellow military veterans. 

No.Name, Nationality, Military ServiceSex, AgeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4
1Taylor Grieger, Skipper, USA, U.S. NavyMale
2John Hill, First Mate, USA/NZ, U.S. NavyMale
3Cameron Albin, Team Manager, USA, U.S. Marine CorpsMale
4Craig Appleby, UK, British ArmyMale
5Nicholas Berryman, USA, U.S. NavyMale
6James Cogan, UK, Royal MarinesMale
7Ruth Corregeux , USA, U.S. Marine CorpsFemale
8Justin Cronin, USA, U.S. Marine Corps Male
9John Fannin, USA, U.S. Marine CorpsMale
10Greg Gegemer, USA, U.S. Coast GuardMale
11Andre Hofmeister, DE, Heer (Army)Male
12Dane Hylen, USA, U.S. ArmyMale
13Mark Jablow, USA, U.S. Air ForceMale
14Adam Kaluza, USAMale
15Nadja Meier, DE, Heer (Army)Female
16Matthew Pinson, USA, U.S. Marine CorpsMale
17Sam Radoff, USAMale
18John Shepherd, USA, U.S. Marine Corps Male
19Adam Tesanovich, USAMale
20Marc Vital, USA, U.S. Marine Corps Male
21Clayton Young, U.S. ArmyMale


Icebear is hull number 11 of 21 Swan 59s built. She’s the tall rig / deep keel version of the boat, and has the optional aft companionway into the cockpit from the aft cabin. She was built in 1986, although the builder’s plaque says ‘1991’. The story, from ‘The Professor’ Lars Strom, goes as such:

There are in some cases odd arrangements and special deals between customer and agent/yard affecting the year on the plaque. 59-011 was originally delivered 1987, and had a plaque showing that. But after one summer, the customer sent the boat back to the yard to be stored until 1991, and then demanded a modified plaque. 018, originally delivered 1988, appears as though there was some monkey business also. If the year on the plaque is clearly later than the production run years, it has been manipulated, with the basic intention to get a better price when the boat is later sold.

Icebear – Swan 59 (Hull No. 11)
LOA58.67 ft / 17.88 m
LWL48.15 ft / 14.68 m
Beam16.40 ft / 5.00 m
Draft11.18 ft / 3.41 m
Displacement28.3 to
DesignerGerman Frers


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Documentary Trailer

After leaving the Navy, Taylor led an expedition around Cape Horn in a Watkins 36 and documented the journey in order to raise awareness of the mental health challenges faced by the veteran community.

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