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Day 99

By Brian Hancock

OK so here is how things are going today. I’m not a fan of Christmas music. Actually I am not a fan of Christmas in general, but I rewrote (how dare me?) Cat Steven’s song, or is he still going by Yusef Islam? Cat Stevens was a much better name in my opinion but anyway. Here is goes. Even the cat is singing along. “I’m being followed by a White Shadow, White Shadow, White Shadow.” Yup that great team led by Jean-Christophe Petit are rounding that beautiful Cape Reinga and coming in for the slow ride home to Auckland. The wind is going to sh*t the bricks, as the Kiwis say and it’s not going to get any better. It’s summer in New Zealand and time for some beach weather; think ice cream and lollipops, and, well no wind.

It’s all good, as we South African’s say. “It’s all good.” They will be there for Santa’s visit.

Meanwhile… back in the good old part of the race. Those still racing. I see White Shadow is still dealing with headwinds trying to get around the northern tip on New Zealand. It’s not easy when you can smell the ‘shrimp on the barbie’. Yes Crocodile Dundee and the rest of Australia don’t own that one. But just as soon at they tip the lip (so to speak) they should have a fast run down that beautiful coast.

Explorer are still exsploring but rocking it at a fairly decent 6.6 knots with a better than decent northwesterly wind. Can’t wish for anything better. Sterna, well I may need to have a chat with them. They seem to be exploring the outreaches of the windiest part of the Southern Ocean. There are rules of the road and they are not following them (South Africans). What else can I say? Just want to give a nod to my great mate Phil Wade who was memorialised in a ceremony at the beautiful Royal Cape Yacht Club today. Sail on my friend, you did well. I hope that I was as s good a friend to you as you were to me.

Goodnight my friends. Those guys over the street are messing with stuff and I think that I might need to go. Internet about to go down.

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