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Day 97

By Brian Hancock

It’s a dog eat dog kind of situation out there on the shores of New Zealand where, by the way, they love their dogs. Galiana WithSecure is chomping (another nautical term) trying to best the outlaws on Outlaw. They are within spitting distance (my Dad taught me how to spit-RIP) of the finish line while Evrika have cleared customs and are safely tied up. Customs? I have always been suspicious of them. What did they think they were smuggling into the country? An old boat and a bunch of unwashed sailors? They could only hope, but I digress.

Since it’s Sunday (at least where I am on a cold winter morning), I’m going to suggest a new new theme song. See if you can guess which boat it’s for. Here goes, feel free to sing along if you like. OK I’m singing this. OK I’m stalling because I can’t sing but here you go. I will do my best…🙂 “I’m being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow.” There you go I did it. Only issue was that the cat had his hands over his ears the whole time.

Back to the race. The aforementioned Shadow boat is in light southerly winds trucking along at a fairly decent 7.3 knots. A pleasant day in the Tasman if you ask me.

Further back, well a lot further back, Explorer has given the 45 degree south waypoint a wide berth but they are around it. Meanwhile the scoundrels on Sterna have decided to be typical South Africans (I speak for myself) and have thrown the rule book out the window (porthole) and are dipping into the thick gravy.

Let me explain. They are still in the race but out of this leg because they stopped in, where was it now? I think Port Elizabeth. So technically they don’t have to follow the rules (when did a South African ever follow the rules – ask my mom RIP) I digress. Sterna is dipping their toes into troubled waters – I know – I am repeating myself – Simon and Garfunkel – but they are heading for some tricky waters. There is some breeze down there and some seas that loom larger than aunty Susie on Christmas Eve. It can get pretty rough but I am sure that they have their big boy pants on and a roast in the oven; it is Sunday after all.

By the way I just checked the OGR FB and both Outlaw and Galiana are smelling the steaks on the grill, but the wind has crap*ed out and there is a counter current. So much fun. They are pretty much next to each other and rocking along at a fairly decent 1.2 knots. OK that’s a joke, but the outlaws on Outlaw and pretty much dead in the water – as in going nowhere. The team of the beautiful Aida and the (not so beautiful) Don are going to have another long night. Sleep well all sailors of the OGR.

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