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Day 90

By Brian Hancock

It’s a ‘Patchy Groundfog’ kind of day here in Massachusetts. Who remembers that horse? I do, and I also remember the ‘Horse With No Name’. OK, I’m stalling for time while listening to our fearless leader Don McIntyre give us updates on the YB Tracker, but things look pretty good all around the fleet.

The thing about sailboats is this; they need wind and looking at Windy (by the way that was my late uncle’s nickname after a good curry lunch). But I digress. Looking at Windy most of the fleet are in some decent breeze and making tracks towards Auckland. Translated 9 is very close to rounding Cape Reinga on the northern tip of New Zealand. They have extended their lead over Pen Duick VI by about 15 miles in the last 24 hours, but the east side of New Zealand can be tricky. Lots of potholes, if you know what I mean.

Good news is that Sterna seem to have managed to fix their steering situation (quite important on a sailboat 2,000 miles from the closest land sailing in the Southern Ocean). They did zig and zag there for a bit, but now they are moving along at a pretty healthy 7 knots with a fairly decent southwesterly breeze coming in over the starboard side. Same with Explorer with Mark Sinclair guiding his team (Captain Coconut to his friends). They are doing 7.6 knots but there is a lot of ocean ahead for both of those boats.

Yea, “it’s all good”, as they say in South Africa. As my late, great Dad used to say, “it’s all good so long as you are looking down on the daisy’s, not looking up at them”.

This will be a short update because we have gale force winds forecast for later today and I need to batten the hatches, bring the cat in and all that stuff. I do have a very nice reindeer and sleigh that my lovely wife Sally bought. It came with lights…🙂. I was going to put it out and pin it to the ground but I worry that it might take off over our roof along with the blow-up Santa from up the street and then every little child’s dream will come true.

Take care all you awesome sailors in the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race. Sail safe, enjoy the Sunday roast and a few bottles of Chianti and make sure that you stay clipped on. That coming from me who has sailed across the Atlantic a few time single-handed and never bothered to clip on once. Gotta go; the wind is picking up. Time to reef the cat.

Don’s Daily Tracker Update


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