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Day 82

Par Brian Hancock

There is a Saturday morning smash up coming for six of the boats in the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race. The Monster Mash has arrived. I am not going to name them all because I’m sitting in the dark and I can’t remember all their names (joke). But take a look on the Yellow Brick road and you will see that there is some nasty stuff coming in from the north. My mother, bless her, she died 50 years ago, but she would always say; “there is a silver lining to everything.” I guess that the silver lining in this case is that the wind is from the north, and not from the east. RIP Mom, you raised five great kids, well except for me. Not so great but I keep trying every day.

Ms Tabarly, skipper of Pen Duick VI, would be good at poker. It looks like she is holding her cards close, but the YB Tracker always gives away the secrets. Pen Duick VI is taking a chance and it looks like they are going north of Tasmania. Now no-one asked me for advice so I won’t give it but I have sailed there and it can be a total sh*t fight just to make it north of Tasmania without coming across the Tasmanian Devil. Now for those of you reading that don’t like that I digress, skim past this, because I digress.

The Tasmanian Devil is a marsupial. It’s a nasty looking little bugger (technical term – not a nautical one). It’s strength is in it’s jaws. The little runt could bite the tail end off of a VW Beetle or a Cadillac, but I digress (again).

Pen Duick is looking good. Translated 9 (in my very humble opinion) is looking better, but as I type this on a cold, dark morning in Massachusetts (I loved the Bee Gees song by the way), it looks all good for the fleet. Yes some are going to get the sh*t kicked out of them, but that’s life. And to those that don’t like my updates, don’t read them. There is so much more to do in life that read my stuff. The rest of my trip hitch-hiking across Australia will have to wait until tomorrow. It gets good so hang in there.

Sterna and Explorer are going to have a good Saturday matinee with popcorn and some wind, actually a lot of wind. There is a fractured low just ahead of them. By the way fractured is not a nautical term. I am not really a doctor but I once played one on TV and fractured is most definitely a medical term. I know this, I have broken a few bones. There was this one time… but I lost my train of thought.

White Shadow is the winner, winner chicken dinner. Good strong wind from behind (I even hesitate to use that word these days). From astern. They sailed (true) past the 45 degree south waypoint and are averaging well over 9 knots. That’s good for a boat carrying all that lead around. More on that in a later update.

It’s Saturday, the Swap Shed at out local dump (oh I guess that I have to call it the Transfer Station because we live in a fancy town). The Swap Shed is open and I like go there for Christmas gifts. Got my Grandson Emmet a really nice Cadillac (true story). He will enjoy it unless he’s too close to a Tasmanian devil. Happy weekend to all the sailors in the Ocean Globe Race, and again, if you don’t like what I’m writing feel free to read the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal instead.

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