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Day 69

By Brian Hancock

It’s Sunday. It used to be called Funday in my family but it’s still early. Things can still go wrong. Let’s see how it goes. The leaders have broken free from that low pressure swirling around the Kerguelen Islands and are enjoying more pleasant weather, and I use that word (weather) wisely, as Pen Duick VI continues to leg out with Translated 9, Maiden and Spirit of Helsinki also enjoying a decent northwesterly wind.

Bubbles up.

The middle of the fleet are getting a bit of a hammering (nautical term) but it looks like they will get into the green soon (see Yellow Brick tracker for details) but Neptune and White Shadow might get a wind that rockets them forward.

Some people have taken exception to my post yesterday, and I understand why. It’s a grimy life on board a sailboat for a full on circumnavigation and I am only here to make it a story. Sorry if I offended. Happy Funday.

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