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Day 6

By Brian Hancock

Today we are going to talk about Godspeed. I know that it’s not Sunday when god usually makes himself known. Instead I am talking about the American sailors aboard the Swan 51 who also go by the name Skeleton Crew Adventures. They are currently occupying one of the most important spots in the fleet; dead last. Someone has to sweep the fleet to make sure that there is no debris left floating.

OK, so I am having a bit of fun with them but it was clear from the start that Godspeed had a single-minded plan for the race. They were going to break the Fun ‘O Meter and so far they seem to be doing just that. I wasn’t kidding when I asked them shortly after the start when they were going to drop the fishing lines over the side, and I got a wry smile from most of them knowing fairly well that it was something they had in mind as soon as the spectator boats had turned back for home. The McIntyre Ocean Globe Race celebrates all the sailors, those out front pushing their boats, and those at the back sailing like it’s ’73.

Speaking of out front, the foursome of Pen Duick VI, Spirit of Helsinki, Translated 9 and Maiden have broken through the pesky low pressure system that gave them headwinds and are now enjoying some beam-reach sailing. It’s worth noting that the leading two boats on the water both have female skippers and they are now abeam of Gibraltar at the entrance to Med.

In the middle pack of chasers there has been a breakaway. L’Esprit d’équipe has opened up a gap and is outpacing Neptune a larger 60-foot sloop. In fairness L’Esprit d’équipe is light and nimble and in fact won an earlier Whitbread Round the World Race under the leadership of the French sailor Lionel Péan. They have taken a more westerly course and have been sailing in stronger winds.

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