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Day 53

By Brian Hancock

There is some genuine wandering going along by our friends on Godspeed. I know that it a complicated piece of ocean to navigate, but come on sailors, Cape Town awaits your arrival and they will make it happen for you in a way that you will enjoy, I promise.

When you get there maybe skip Cape Point, you will see it from the water when you start Leg 2 and there will be no baboons involved. Instead take the road between Table Mountain and Lions Head. It’s very scenic and you will end up in Camps Bay, one of the most beautiful towns in the world (humble opinion), but keep going. Head south. There is a nudist beach at Sandy Bay.

Funny story. I once lost my wallet there when I was, well not quite an adult yet, and some nice person found it and the only address that was in my wallet was my parent’s address and the note said, “found this at Sandy Bay.” My Mum and Dad got the wallet and were kind enough to not say anything, but I could feel their gaze. But I digress again (ADHD). Keep going past Sandy Bay unless you are inclined to rip your clothes off and stroll around in the South African sunshine letting the sun touch those parts that rarely see sunshine.

When you leave Sandy Bay, hopefully with pants on and wallet in pocket the road goes up a steep hill and when you crest you will get to see the stunning Hout Bay where I used to live. Find Chapmans Peak Hotel, it’s an easy find. Find the bay and take a left and you will run right into it. Order the calamari, don’t piss off the chef, have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and you will think that you have landed in a small slice of heaven.

However… my Godspeed friends you still need to pull the thumb out and hitch a ride on those great southerly winds that you will find just ahead of that ditch of no wind that you are experiencing. I hope that you still have enough food and freeze dried beer to make it the last 600 miles.

Meanwhile, our friends on Explorer are smelling the barn. At last check they were 130 miles away with decent breeze. The southeaster has faded a bit, like my ex-wife, so they should have a good ride into Cape Town. They will be there to see the other boats take off on Leg 2 but that is of no matter. All the sailors signed up for an adventure and this is part of the adventure. You will have seagulls and sea lions there waiting to greet you, and of course Don and Aida. Don’t quit now, although I know that you never would. Come ashore and enjoy a bathroom that is not on a tilt.

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