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Day 49

By Brian Hancock

It’s exciting times in Cape Town and not only from the McIntyre Ocean Globe arrivals which have all been pretty exciting, but, well, you know, the Springboks did win the Rugby World Cup and our friends on Sterna must hear the collective roar from a hundred miles out to sea.

Speaking of Sterna, they are within shouting distance of the finish line in Table Bay. At last check on the Yellow Brick tracker they were just under 60 miles out having some difficulty with some headwinds, but then so is Evrika, skippered by Dominique Dubois who is just a tad over 60 miles out. Could it be another photo finish?

There was a finish worth a photo last evening when Galiana WithSecure slipped quietly into Cape Town in the dark, but Aida OGR’s photos were excellent. Check them out.

Godspeed and Explorer are still out on the battlefield and both are enjoying some romping conditions. Godspeed doing 7.1 knots and Explorer doing 7.2. There is some tricky weather ahead for both boats but for now let them enjoy some fine sailing weather and dreaming of home.

You have to admire these sailors who have spent 49 days at sea without a proper hot shower or a decent Sunday lunch. It’s hard to be stuck in a small cabin with other people (some who haven’t showered – I speak from experience) and keep your sense of humour up, but as soon as your feet hit the dock, all is forgiven; I hope. Happy Sunday and well done to all of the sailors in the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race.

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