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Day 48

By Brian Hancock

OK so it wasn’t quite a photo finish but it was a finish good for a photo. Neptune rocked up looking crisp and clean with Triana just 10 minutes behind them, also looking crisp and clean. That’s a close boat race by any measure. They left England 48 days ago. Can you imagine. I was there to see them off and now they are in the Mother City.

I try and include all the boats in my short little posts but I have to rescind my offer of Pina Coladas for everyone in Cape Town. Well not everyone, only for the OGR sailors. The money I made in Vegas I just lost. I was sure that Triana would triumph but there you go. That’s why I am not a gambling man.

White Shadow also arrived in the shadow of Table Mountain and I say congratulations to that crew. It’s one heck of an accomplishment for any crew to sail from Southampton to Cape Town. It’s a long way and the bumpy road has many potholes, as I may have already mentioned.

While still out on the racecourse Godspeed is rolling along with good speed. 7.2 knots according to the YB tracker. They have a very decent breeze on their port side and have found a fast lane without any potholes. Long may it last and fair winds to them. And to Evrika who are getting close to closing the barn door on what has been a tricky leg for the boats in the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race.

Let’s not forget Galiana WithSecure who are within spitting distance of the finish and definitely let’s not forget Explorer with skipper Mark Sinclair, but I’m afraid that they may be facing some headwinds soon, but I guess that’s life. We all face headwinds in life, every now and then, but my life has been mostly downwind.

Go Bokke. I am heading out to buy some Kiwifruit to eat while watching the game and watching New Zealand get eaten by South Africa.

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