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Day 45

By Brian Hancock

This could be interesting. The outlaws are steaming down the African coast with less than a hundred miles to go, while L’Esprit d’Equipe is trucking along with just 62 miles to go, however as I have said before, watch out for that beautiful mountain that throws a long wind shadow. The same one that is sometimes mistaken for a very large table.

I did book a one-way ticket to Las Vegas yesterday and I am now in a cheap hotel overlooking a sleazy strip mall and I think that those girls on the corner might be hookers but maybe they are just waiting for a bus, I can’t tell, but I did get to put $100 on L’Esprit d’Equipe to beat the Outlaws, but I also put $100 on the Outlaws to beat Neptune. I may well be rich after all of this.

The next race to watch is Neptune and Triana but there is a serious ditch in front of them. A ditch being no wind, as in parking up which is so frustrating when you are this close to a steak dinner (or Nandos), but there is not much that they can do about, it and that’s sailboat racing.

Godspeed, well you know that I love these sailors, are doing (according to the tracker) 0.2 knots but they will soon be in some good wind and with a tailwind will rocket into Cape Town.

White Shadow is doing what it’s supposed to do; shadowing everyone but the YR tracker shows a monumental speed of 1.5 knots right now and Galiana WithSecure (what ever happens to those beautiful boat names like Snowflake of Hamble or Spindrift – oh I remember now – sponsorship) they are rocking along. Go Tapio. Now for those that don’t know Tapio is a legend. He and I raced against each other in the earlier version of this race a long, long time ago. So long ago I can’t remember when it was. Just a joke; it was 1981.

Sterna, well they will be preparing the borewors for the braai when South Africa plays the Kiwis on Saturday for the Rugby World Cup final and Evrika is cooking along at a good clip. In case you are wondering, my neighbor up the street serves an ‘all you can eat’ Wednesday breakfast and my cat is up there stuffing himself. More fun times to go in the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race.

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