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Day 43

By Brian Hancock

Well, I may have been making fun of the outlaws on Outlaw but just so you know, I am not making fun of them. I have only huge respect for all the competitors in the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race, but Outlaw is coming in with a shot of propane up the… well I don’t want to use the word ass here but I guess that I just did. It’s going to be another photo finish in Cape Town.

Outlaw took the eastern option of the South Atlantic High and it’s now paying dividends. They are just a tad under 350 miles from the finish while LDQ (sorry but the name is just too hard to type in the dark with that darn cat bothering me – some older people will get that reference and it was a fun movie), however I digress (ADHD), LDQ has 405 miles to go before they get to see that beautiful mountain. Outlaw has fairly decent headwinds, but wind is good if you are just using your sails to get around the world, while L’Esprit d’équipe (see I got it right that time) is trucking along with some very decent tailwinds. Let’s see what happens. That’s why we all love a horse race.

Triana, White Shadow and Neptune are all enjoying some champagne sailing, especially if you like your champagne cold, and my best buddies on Godspeed are finding some potholes but they will be ok. Let’s just let them keep on trucking along. I know that they are having the most fun of all the boats and same with Sterna who are moving along with a wind at their back at a very respectable 7 knots. They won’t be in Cape Town in time for the Rugby World Cup final but I am sure that they will get signal and will watch the game.

And let’s not forget Triana who are currently first in the Adventure Class. What a race it has been so far.

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