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Day 42

By Brian Hancock

Outlaw is coming in low and slow but there is a big ditch right in front of them and the slow meter may well just get worse. By ditch I mean some warm air off the Namib Desert that will mess with their plans of a photo finish with L’Esprit d’équipe which are coming in hot and hungry from the west. Outlaw is currently, according to the Yellow Brick (road) Tracker, doing 4.1 knots while L’Esprit d’équipe is doing close to 9 knots. You do the math; it could be another close one. I am guessing that Lionel Regnier and his crew may have run out of pate and pastis and need to hit the dock in Cape Town as soon as possible and so they have their foot on the gas.

Well, Sterna, what can I say, they are steering a straight and steady course even though South Africa did not do the same against England, but they did win but only by a cats whisker. I know how close that is because yet again I have a cat sitting on my feet.

There is another close race between Triana and Neptune. There is just four miles separating them with Neptune (now there is a name that I can spell) just four miles closer to a cold beer in Cape Town, both in the same breeze but as I may have said before, anything can happen. There are potholes and ditches along the road ahead. Explorer is trundling along at eight knots, Galiana WithSecure is also doing eight knots and White Shadow the same. Godspeed in a good breeze but it is Sunday after all so they may be getting ready for that roast beef dinner and waiting for the wine to breathe.

I hope that those that have already arrived in Cape Town are enjoying the hospitality of that beautiful city.

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