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Day 31

By Brian Hancock

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live life at a constant tilt? How’s that for an opening line on a first date? Actually I had a much better opening line which I will tell someday. In the end it actually got me a grandson. True story.

I am getting some heat for making these posts too much about me, but I digress. No seriously, ask the crew on Outlaw and Evrika. They chose the easterly option as their preferred way to deal with Mrs. High. Just for clarification, in the Southern Hemisphere there is a gigantic high pressure system that rotates counter clockwise. You can either pick up the winds on the western side and ride a small pony, or you can take the eastern side (the more direct route) and ride a bad tempered donkey; in other words you are sailing into the teeth of a strong headwind. But I digress (again) ADHD.

Those sailors that took the eastern route are living life on a tilt. Funnily enough when I first wrote this and before I spell checked it I wrote that they were living life on a tit. Wouldn’t that be great. The sailing is not easy. The boat is heeled at 20, maybe 30 degrees and that’s when it’s a good day. Cooking is a bitch, changing sails is a bitch and, how do I put this delicately, the daily ritual in the head is most definitely a bitch.

Marie Tabarly and her crew on Pen Duick VI have finally bitten the bullet and they have Cape Town firmly in their sights. Same with Spirit of Helsinki. I love that Translated 9 and Maiden have cut the corner a little; Translated 9 by the way is leading in both the IRC class and in the Flyer class. Good stuff. The rest of the fleet is just boogying along, loving life and hopefully wearing sunscreen.

Last word (for today). This is a long boat race. Nine months if I recall.

It’s all about the story, and the memories. Just relax and enjoy the ride. At least you are not out there living life at a tilt.

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