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Day 3

By Brian Hancock

OK, so now it’s starting to get interesting. Like any good marathon there is always a breakaway pack that seems to be testing the edges. In this case it’s four boats; Penduick VI who is currently leading the pack, closely followed by the all lady team aboard Maiden, the Italian team on Translated 9, and the Finnish team on Spirit of Helsinki. They are pushing the pace and heading for more open water.

Most of the fleet, including the breakaway pack are well into the Bay of Biscay, which, and let’s tread carefully now, is giving all the yachts a free pass. The Bay of Biscay is known for it’s gnarly weather and it’s ‘take no prisoners’ attitude. I think that most of the boats are tip-toeing toward the north coast of France collectively holding their breath.

Marie Tabarly has finally exerted her dominance over the fleet and taken over the top spot, but it’s still a close one. Only 10 miles separate her from the rest of the leading pack but the hounds are in hot pursuit; Tanneguy Raffrey on Neptune and Campbell Mackie on Outlaw are both snapping at their heels. The wind is still light and the onboard conditions must be nothing short of a Club Med vacation right now, but it’s going to change. The weather always changes. That’s one thing that you can count on.

The wind is still from astern and the forecast is only going to get better as the race will find the early edges of the Portuguese Trade Winds to boost them down the coast of Spain and Portugal.


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