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Day 217

By Brian Hancock

And now it’s the Finns aboard Spirit of Helsinki who finally get their chance to come storming home, but instead of storming they are choosing to stroll in gently in time for the last call at the pub, maybe in time to enjoy some reheated roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with a little horseradish on the side.

It all, as it usually does, depends upon the tides in the English Channel, and more importantly, The Solent once they pass The Needles and deal with the down and dirty, that short stretch of land between The Needles and Cowes.

They made it (finally) and that knot is now well and truly tied. Next it will be Neptune, yet another French entry and as I said, time to rename that pesky strip of water the French Channel in honor of the brilliant sailing by the French and Finns. Just for a day, or maybe two. They are coming in hard and fast. Word has it on the street that there might be a sauna along with the obligatory birch branches for whipping some life back into tired bodies.

After dealing with the vagaries of wind and weather, Spirit of Helsinki made it home and crossed the line at 23:37 UTC. Congratulations on a race well sailed SOH. Next up, Neptune.

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