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Day 207

By Brian Hancock

There is not a lot to report, well take that back, there is always a lot to report on an around-the-world yacht race. What I mean is that there is a lot of status quo. Pen Duick VI clipped off 248 miles in the last 24 hours averaging 11.1 knots. That’s news worth reporting. Translated 9 did 173 miles at an average speed of 8.4 knots and it’s showing. While they were busy selecting a suitable red for the finish, L’Esprit d’équipe snuck by them to the north and are now just under 10 miles ahead on a Distance to Finish basis (DTF). That’s also news worth reporting.

I get my information from boat tweets and watching windy but at times I can’t wonder why I suddenly see the boats sailing downwind with a spinnaker flying and perfect seastate when I pictured them close reaching in wet weather. Ah Sweet Mystery of Life.

Sterna is doing the dragnet thing bringing up the rear making sure that no one has left any important gear along the way. Theirs is an important task. Just so you know, I love this team. They are putting one foot in (wave) in front of the next and slowly getting the job done. I think that they are enjoying themselves so much that they don’t really want to come ashore. l also love the outlaws on Outlaw who are doing much the same but further up the track and I last check they were wearing a crown to show that they were first in Adventure Class. They are currently sailing in a decent northwesterly wind and are hot on the heels of White Shadow. As usual the maidens on Maiden are getting along one watch at a time. That’s about all you can ask except I do wonder how they are managing the Great Toilet Paper Debate. Ah the glorious life on an offshore ocean racer.

Happy weekend folks and as a reminder for those far enough north, the world won’t be coming to an end on Monday. It’s just a solar eclipse so if you are looking for me I will in my front yard wearing (special) shades while working on my tan (NOT) and enjoying nature’s beauty.

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