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Day 191

By Brian Hancock

It’s a case of the rich getting richer as the two on-the-water leaders are legging it out over the rest of the fleet. Marie Tabarly is booking along at a steady 9-plus knots and is 1st in line honours, 2nd in IRC and 2nd in Flyer Class, however holding on not far behind like a terrier with a chew toy in their mouth is L’Esprit d’équipe who are 2nd in line honors, 1st in IRC and first in Flyer Class, a truly spectacular performance by the French team. By the time this is published both boats will be under the 4000-miles-to-go mark to the finish of this OGR.

Maiden, Spirit of Helsinki and Neptune are very close on a distance to-go basis. It will be interesting to see who emerges in the lead once they converge. Right now they are enjoying steady easterly winds. A battle to watch is just down the track between White Shadow and Triana with many other smaller battles taking place between the rest of the fleet.

You may have noticed that I missed an update on Tuesday. I had written the piece and was just heading out for a haircut when my wife said to me, “You look like crap.” Not unusual for her. Now my life, especially my life as a writer, has been an open book. It has to be otherwise you lose the trust of the reader. I headed out to get a haircut and my mate Pete said to me, “You look like crap.” I stopped for a cup of coffee with a mate of mine and he said the same thing, yes you guessed.

An hour later I was in the emergency room. Long story short I was suffering from liver failure. I am still in the ER. Things are stable. It’s embarrassing for people to know that I have drunk more than enough Caipirinhas over the years, so I guess my drinking days are over. Thanks for reading and keep tabs on your own alcohol intake. It can get away from you before you can say, “A Pirate Looks at 40.”

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