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Day 181

By Brian Hancock

Bad news on Evrika. Their bowsprit broke in some stiff headwinds. The crew have been able to retrieve it but as it broke it did some damage to the furling unit and upon further inspection, the furling foil as well. The crew quickly dropped the headsail so as to minimise any further damage. Right now they are proceeding with just a mainsail and a staysail. Of course their speed has slowed and they won’t be able to effect any repairs until they get some calm weather, which is coming but not for a while. It’s just too bad because they had been doing very well.

Short update today. I took the afternoon to go and see the Bob Marley movie which was brilliant in case you were wondering. Now I can’t get his music out of my head. Maiden is still out in front with Triana not far behind. None of the boats are doing good speeds (around 6 knots) because of the persistent headwinds. All I have to say to the great sailors of the Ocean globe Race is, “don’t worry about a ting because every little ting is going to be alright.” See you all Monday. Take care and sail safe.

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