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Day 169

By Brian Hancock

“We Believe in Humans.” What a great reason to race around the world. That’s the slogan of Translated 9. “We Believe in Humans.” I, personally, believe in the kindness of humanity and I think that most sailors do. Once you have circumnavigated this tiny spinning blue marble, you get to appreciate how small it is and how delicate and fragile we all are. By the way when I sailed around the world I didn’t see any borders between countries. Those are silly man-made constructs to gain power, but I still believe in humans; and humanity.

Translated 9 states, “we believe that when humans, even outsiders, are driven by great values, such as courage, optimism, diversity, hard work, resilience, and humanity, they can achieve everything.” Just think about that statement. These great sailors in the OGR all started with a dream. In fact most of us started with a dream to sail around the world.

I grew up as a skinny pale white South African kid that didn’t even live near the ocean and I had a dream to sail around the world, and now five circumnavigations later here we are. I believe in humans and I believe in the human spirit. Each and everyone one of the sailors racing the OGR had a dream and there they are, three quarters of the way around the world just blown by the wind, both warm and cold. How magical is that? If only more people could have a dream to make this world a better place for ALL humanity, we would live on a more peaceful planet. And I’m telling you, the world is a big place but when you can sail a tiny sailboat driven only by wind and waves, it’s not that big at all. But I digress.

Translated 9 are just 280 miles from a full bowl of pasta and a bottle of Uruguayan Chianti. There is a mish-mash (nautical term) of wind ahead of them but I’m sure that they will navigate it with great skill. The good news is that it seems as if the time and dedication that they put into the repair in the Falklands is paying off. The boat seems solid and strong and even though they were disqualified from this leg for getting outside assistance, I am sure that they will have a strong finish into Southampton. Let’s hope so. Any boat and crew that race around the world with the slogan, “We Believe in Humans” deserves a grand finish, and I for one believe in the team on Translated 9.

I will leave this update with this. As my mate Jimmy Buffett wrote:

Nautical Wheelers who call themselves sailors
Play fiddle tunes under the stars
Petticoats rustle, workin’ shoes scuffle
Shuffle on down to the bar.

Let’s hope that the great sailors on Translated 9 get to sidle up to a bar in Punta del Este very soon.


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