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Day 161

By Brian Hancock

Since Translated 9 is still in the Falkland Islands I can mention a story that I forgot to mention when the fleet was passing by the group of islands. We had just rounded Cape Horn aboard Drum in the ’85/86 Whitbread round-the-world race and were approaching the Falklands when one of our crew got very, very quiet. He would barely talk which was most unlike him. Turned out, when he did speak, that he had lost his brother in the war there. Sometimes I can’t believe the stupidity of us humans that we never seem to have enough and we keep repeating history. You know what I am talking about.

Back to the race track, White Shadow is just 170 from the finish of the third leg while Evrika is 183 miles away, by calculation just 13 miles separate them. Another photo finish coming up. Both boats seem to have light winds from astern but there is trough of very light winds coming up, but the time they get there the trough might have been swallowed up some (more) headwinds courtesy of a high pressure system to their east.

Sterna has 575 miles to go and have probably broken out their Hawaiian shirts and their spare pairs of flip flops brought along for such an occasion. The explorers on Explorer are not that far behind, but both boats are experiencing fickle (nautical term) sailing conditions and it must be frustrating for all the boats still out water to be so close, yet so far.

It’s President’s Day here in the United States which reminded me that I did get to spend a day with the President of Uruguay a few years back enjoying and asado (cook out) on his ranch. His name was Gregorio Conrado Álvarez (I think) and he was a very humble man who drove himself to and from work in an old car. All I really remember that he was kind and that the food was excellent. More about that tomorrow.

We are in the silly season, as they call it here in the US where the Presidential Elections are coming up later this year. We have two old geezers as front runners of each party; one of them humble. The other not so much.

More tomorrow. Thanks for reading and thanks for following this great race.

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