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Day 160

By Brian Hancock

There has been a flurry of activity in Punte del Este, and probably not much sleep for the Race Organisers. Right now the yacht club is the place to be with flags flying and postcard perfect weather. It’s cold as buggery and blowing a gale here where I am so I am envious.

Team L’Esprit d’équipe showed up in Punte with their crew looking very French. Please don’t anyone take offence but it’s just that French sailors have a certain look about them especially after weeks at sea. All the crew had given themselves an earring, as tradition allows them to by rounding Cape Horn, but these guys are tough and didn’t just go to a beauty salon at the mall, they did it the old fashioned way with a rusty nail and block of wood. I have been around this game for over 40 years which included some Cape Horn roundings, but I am too scared to get my ear pierced, much less with a rusty nail. L’Esprit d’équipe were the 6th boat to arrive in Uruguay.

Galiana WithSecure came in looking just about perfect with as much canvas as they could throw up. Huge spinnaker, full mainsail, large mizzen staysail and full mizzen. Congratulations to Tapio and his crew. As an aside Galiana WithSecure is the oldest boat in the fleet, but old or not, the girl still has great legs. They were the 7th boat to arrive in Uruguay.

The outlaws on Outlaw also came in with spinnaker flying and looked spectacular. They have three female sailors onboard, one of whom has climbed Mount Everest. I once thought about trying that (when I was young and dumb), but quickly gave up the idea. They were just 4 hours astern of Galiana WithSecure and were the 8th boat to arrive. Busy busy time for the OGR. White Shadow and Evrika will be next but they are struggling with headwinds which have a pesky way of doubling the Distance to Finish all that tacking.

Let’s spare a thought for Sterna and Exolorer who still have a way to go and of course, Translated 9 who still in The Falklands working to get their great boat readied for the rest of Leg 3 and of course Leg 4.

Happy Sunday everyone and congratulations to all the sailors in this great adventure, those on land and those still at sea.

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