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Day 159

By Brian Hancock

If I may rise to a point of personal privilege, and I think that I have earned it after over 150 updates, today would have been my mother-in-law’s 94th birthday. She was a beautiful woman, both inside and out. I told my wife, “the reason I married you was because I loved your mother so much and if you could be half as good (and she is that times 2) this will be a fun ride.” But I digress. I will come back to the amazing Triana. What a finish.

Because it’s the weekend I want to change things up a little. I am a sentimental man. Always have been. Can’t help myself. Today is ‘Pay it Forward Day’. Do a random act of kindness; to anyone. Just do it. Let me repeat myself for no good reason because this is a sailing report and sailors are good people; Just Do It, and no this is not a Nike commercial.

I took my wife to the airport this morning. She’s going to visit her sister in San Clemente, California to enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean. I got a cold bagel and a stale cup of coffee on my way home (my luck) but my point is this. We stopped to get gas on the way to the airport and it was dark and very cold out I saw a poor bugger hauling his load into the grocery store and I stopped to help him. When I got back into the car my wife said, “you just did a random act of kindness.” I do it everyday (I try) but today counted a little more. Let’s all try and be kind. It’s a simple thing to do. And it means so much. And it costs nothing. Pay it forward.

But back to the business at hand. Triana rocked and rolled into Punte del Este looking like they had just sailed around the park. What a brilliant performance by a brilliant team. I feel bad that I haven’t given skipper Jean d’Arthuys enough credit. So amazing and they are kicking some butt and good on them and I hope that they keep on kicking butt until the end.

That South Atlantic high pressure system is feeding in some good northwesterly wind in to those still on the racecourse. L’Esprit d’équipe (see I managed it) are honking it along to the finish line. On a Distance-to-Finish basis they are just one mile behind Galiana WithSecure. That’s going to be another photo finish. Such close racing and so much fun and to make it even more fun, the outlaws on Outlaw are just 40 miles behind them. All this after 6,000 miles of racing across the roughest part of the planet.

White Shadow and Evrika have both tacked onto port. Those pesky headwind can make life difficult when you can almost smell the chlorine at the yacht club pool. At this point it’s all about getting the job done and they have both a great job so far. They may not be on the podium but they are on my podium (and that counts). It’s flipping hard to race around the world and not come unstuck. Good on them and good on all of the sailors in the Ocean Globe Race.

Oh, and one more thing; remember to be kind and pay it forward.

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