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Day 157

By Brian Hancock

Now I feel that I have to come clean with all of you that read my daily drivel. I don’t write it. I have this nifty little App called Chatbox AI and if I give it a few things to work off it writes the updates for me. Actually Chatbox AI has a bit of a sense of humour and also a little naughty side, if you know what I mean, so I have to censor things, but anyway, I digress.

I hope that you are all watching the Yellow Brick Road Tracker. There is one heck of a race going on between Spirit of Helsinki and the maidens on Maiden. At last check just two miles separate them. Can you imagine that after 6,000 miles just two miles separate them? SOH are currently in the lead with just under 70 miles to go until that beautiful skyline of Punta del Este rises up out of the ocean. They are in moderate headwinds and so life on board should be good, not like at a Club Med all you can eat and drink good resort good, but better than the rest of us still shoveling snow.

So here is a thing about sailboat racing. Most sailors will know this. If you get ahead keep yourself between your competition and the finish line. If you place yourself there like a donkey at a ping-pong party, they can’t get by you. That’s just what Spirit of Helsinki is doing. Both boats have tacked onto port, and the Finns are just slamming the maidens hard (sorry Tracy). But since I still have $50 on the maidens, I am voting for them, but you never know. The little buggers on Neptune could slip in there. It all depends on the wind as you get closer to shore. You see sailing is a tricky game; and that’s why we love it so much.

In even bigger news the explorers on Explorer have the cape, as in Cape Horn in their rear view mirror and are booking it toward The Le Maire Strait. They are getting a decent pump up the rear (sorry again) from a very good westerly wind, and will be sitting down to hamburgers and hot dogs fairly soon. Well let me change that. Maybe a steak basted with some chimichurri sauce, or fish, or veg. It goes with everything and is so delicious.

I know that this is all fun and games but let’s spend a moment thinking of Translated 9. They just got overtaken by the flip flop sailors on Sterna and will soon be overtaken by Explorer. They must be feeling the strain. They should be in Punte lying on the beach in their Speedos. Well that’s yacht racing for you.

As my mate Bob Dylan once said, “I have dined with kings and I have been offered wings and I have never been too impressed.” I think that I feel the same sentiment (I have only dined with a couple of kings) but a battle to the finish line in Uruguay between Pen Duick VI and Translated 9 would have been quite awesome.

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