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Day 155

By Brian Hancock

Okay, this report is not going to be full of fun and games. And jokes aside. Marie Tabarly and her crew are about to cross the finish line of the 3rd leg of the Ocean Globe Race. Her dad would be so proud of how she sailed the most difficult leg of this difficult race. They will arrive at the Yacht Club Punte del Este and be celebrated. And they deserve it. What an awesome 6,000 miles they have just sailed through some of the toughest waters in the world.

Sterna has made it around that most difficult of all capes, but I am sorry my friends, there is some cr*p coming down the east coast of Argentina and there might be a price to pay; strong northerlies. The kind of wind that kicks the dust up off the tundra and gives it to you in the face. You should have kept those flip flops.

Explorer are still exploring their options, and as a (former) sailor they are going to have limited choices. They are going to get whacked. There is some breeze coming along and it has the smell of penguin stew and a kick the size of an alpaca in mating season; the one that didn’t brush his teeth in a month. Yup, it’s going to be interesting.

Mid-fleet, things are going good. Maiden and Spirit of Helsinki are throwing oranges to each other and that’s going to be an interesting finish. I just so wish that I could be on the dock in Punte to give them each a pineapple. And a Pisco Sour. And maybe a steak dinner; more about that later.

Neptune is buggering along and hitting the ‘chase button.’ Triana too. What a great leg they are having? That was not supposed to be a question. That’s a statement. LEDQ is motoring along (nautical term and I’m sorry but after five months into this race I still can’t spell the name), but they are doing great as is Galiana WithSecure, as are the crew on White Shadow and the outlaws on Outlaw. Evrika too.

The only sad part of this leg is that Translated 9, who have sailed an impeccable race so far before they hit a roadblock and are still sitting in the Falklands Islands. I am gutted for them.

On the good news front we are expecting a big snow storm here. Kids are home from school (actually I don’t have any kids living at home anymore) but my wife being a school teacher has the day off. I can hear the champagne bottles being cracked in our bedroom upstairs and some firecrackers going off. Actually, if truth be told, she is going for a swim at the gym while I am trying to figure what to have for breakfast. I am thinking a gin fizz, but may just go for the fruit salad and granola.

Lots of love to the great sailors in the McOGR (that should be on a menu somewhere – no names mentioned). I don’t mean to keep repeating myself but I used to give hundreds of talks at yacht clubs all over America. My audience would be half a bottle of red in and had devoured a prime rib the size of your house; and dozing off before I even started my talk. I love Duran Duran and would blast “Please please tell me now.” That woke them up – thanks Simon.

So safe a fun sailing for those still out there. There is a big piece of hairy beef (I will come back to that and I am talking about beef, not…, well you know, the other thing). Uruguay has the best meat on the planet and if you don’t like meat they have the best fish on the planet and if you don’t like fish, they have the best vegetables on the planet. What’s not to love?

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