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Day 151

By Brian Hancock

OK, no jokes this time and no mention of flip flops. The rubber has hit the road. Translated 9 is leaking (like my uncle Keith – sorry – sometimes I can’t help myself), but they are seriously leaking and have turned around and are heading to the Falkland islands to get the situation fixed. This is serious stuff. Boats are supposed be on the water, not have water in them. I will come back to them in a few.

But, meanwhile, there is some serious activity at Cape Horn. L’Espirt d’Equipe are around and good on them. They are rocketing north toward the Strait of Le Maire. Galiana WithSecure and White Shadow are probably filming everything right about now because they are right at Cape Horn. By the way let me not forget to mention that White Shadow (love that name – if I have another kid – not going to happen – I would name him White Shadow). But I digress… White Shadow is leading in the Sayula Class. Now that’s a classy move.

The outlaws on Outlaw are bracing for a stiff rounding (sorry Tracy). There is some breeze coming up from behind but they should be good, and wherever you are reading this they may already be around (the Horn that is).

Let’s go back to Translated 9. They have sailed an amazing race and it breaks my heart to see them turn around and go back to where they came from, but co-skipper Marco Trombetti knows what needs to be done and they are going to get the job done, and good for them. The old saying still remains; you can’t win if you don’t finish. They will get the job done. Their shore team are already on their way, but just as an aside, to them all. Watch out for landmines. I don’t want to throw gravy on this serious situation, but, well, ask my friend, the great yacht designer Merf Owen about landmines in the Falklands, and if that’s not enough ask me about my friend Patrick Banfield (fellow crew mate on Drum) about the Falklands Islands.

So for now, checking out, fingers and toes crossed for Translated 9 and for all the great sailors in the McOGR – yes I do like that name. Sail safe and be strong, but most of all, be kind. Oh, and one last thing. I always give homeless people money. Who cares how they spend it. My step-son was homeless (his choice) and he’s gone now. Fu*ck drugs. RIP my Brendondoni. You lived a full life but could not make it to the finish line.

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