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Day 146

By Brian Hancock

Now, the Sunday morning spaghetti is starting to come in long and strong. Like my first mate when we got into a fist fight. Funnily enough, I won. His face was a little battered and I did earn a black eye, but I digress. True story, by the way.

I am at my desk on a cold Sunday morning and looking at the YB tracker, and despite my scrambled eggs getting cold while that bloody cat thinks it’s time for a cuddle, I am focusing on the great sailors in the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race. They are all chins up and moving on.

Most of the fleet are around the waypoint and that’s good. It’s time to dip south (as one of my girlfriends said to me a long, long time ago – sorry).

Here’s the point about waypoints. A long time ago, when I was just a nipper on a big boat, we went south. It was the shortest distance between point A and point B. The Great Circle route if you will. But going south (sorry again) meant ice; and snow; and more ice; and more snow. Even though it was summer down under, it can still get cold if you get close enough to that supersized block of ice called Antarctica. Let me explain.

We were young and dumb. I think that many of us can relate. We took the shorter route and we would get into all sorts of trouble. There is some stiff stuff coming up from the southeast. There will not be any Sunday roast on the table. By the way, if you will indulge me, one of the best Sunday lunches I have ever had was aboard the good ship Steamship Shieldhall after the race start in Southampton. You can’t do better than roast beef and a Yorkshire pudding with gravy, unless you are a vegetarian.

But again, I digress. There is some stuff ahead (nautical term) for the front runners. Some serious breeze coming down the coast of Chile bringing with it some glorious smells of asado; and chimichurri sauce. Again, this is not about me, but I may or may not have spent some time on the west coast of Chile. I could just write that there is some wind coming but that would be like showing up at a kid’s party announced with your clown hat on. So, anyway, the wind is really going to test a friendship; boots and all. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Our buddies on Sterna have their flip flops back on. Probably not the best choice in footwear but us South Africans are not that smart. Explorer is still exploring and we love them for that. The French on L’Esprir d’Equipe (see I got it right this time…🙂) are rocketing along at over 10 knots (average) in a steady westerly wind. So is most of the fleet and an observer, that being me, it’s a beautiful thing to see. All we want for these brave competitors is to be safe and have fun.

I think that, since it’s Sunday, that I am going to be brave and have fun. For the brave part I am going to clip my cat’s toenails (I was going to give him a bath) and for fun, well, you know, it’s Sunday afternoon after all. Sail safe my friends, Bubbles Up, and enjoy the adventure. Before you know it you will be in the great city of Punte del Este feasting on fine Uruguayan food and wondering what all the fuss was all about.

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