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Day 141

By Brian Hancock

OK I am a little bit of an introvert. Again this race is not about me but it’s about the great sailors in the OGR. However I am making a point. As I get older I am becoming a bit of a recluse. I’m OK in front of an audience of 3,000 people giving a talk but one-on-one I am shite. So to my point. Since we are speaking of points, let’s talk about Point Nemo.

The fleet will be sailing just south of it, but Point Nemo is as far away from any land on Planet Earth. According to Wiki it’s 2688 kilometers from the nearest land, unless you count the land below the boat as land (that’s a joke). Well sometimes I wished that I could hang out close to Point Nemo and write my books. But then I was listening to Don’s (always great) YB tracker updates and he mentioned that Point Nemo was where a lot of space junk was dumped (nautical term) so I guess that I might be a little safer at my desk even though it’s freezing out and I have a doctors appointment (bad eyes – as it happens).

The OGR fleet is trucking along. As predicted the front runners have slowed a little allowing those toward the back to catch up, but things can change quickly in that part of the world. The Windy weather overlay shows a small pothole in front of the leaders that will slow them up. Windy also shows some serious breeze coming from the south for Evrika, L’Esprit d’équipe and the outlaws on Outlaw. They may miss some of the thick of it but weather has it’s way of making life challenging for around-the-world racers.

Sorry that this is short. I had to have my eyes dilated and my screen is beyond bright right now. Sail safe and sail fast all you great OGR sailors.

Don’s Daily Tracker Update


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