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Day 140

By Brian Hancock

OK now they are riding the Red Rooster (by the way that’s a great restaurant in Harlem run by my friend Marcus Samuelsson). Who doesn’t like cornbread and gravy for breakfast on a Sunday morning? With a strong Bloody Mary.

Most of the fleet are into the 50s now and are booking along at a furious pace. There is a low pressure system underneath them and it’s feeding strong southwesterly winds. What could be better? They can hang out their laundry and use that foot spa that was brought along for just this kind of sailing to soak their feet and scrape off the calluses. Actually, I hope that you realise that was just a joke (my wife doesn’t get my jokes – never has, never will). Their feet have been stuffed into the same boots for over two weeks now; calluses included.

Translated 9 and Pen Duick VI are stealing the show. It’s a case of the rich getting richer. Isn’t that always the case, even when we are not sailing around the world? Pen Duick VI with the determined Marie Tabarly running the ship covered 258 miles in the last 24 hours. Translated 9 did 234 miles. This is good stuff but they are out of the hooligan weather and into something more moderate and the fleet will compress. The boats coming up from behind will stick with the strong breeze that PDVI and T9 (sorry I am too lazy to type in their full names but you know who I mean) had been enjoying and made up some miles on them.

That’s yacht racing for you.

But do not despair. There is breeze ahead and the front runners will get it first and start to leg out (technical term) again on those boats that are trying to hunt them down. It’s a bit like cock fighting (not that kind of co*k), and by the way I despise the sport, but you have to do your best and takes your chances, as my lovely old Dad used to say. So I just took my chance with that one.

White Shadow is still leading Sayula Class and rocking it at an average of 9 knots. By the way, that is a beautiful yacht and when I get my retirement boat I may just steal the name (if they will let me). I have already named my dinghy Goodnight Moon. I must have read that book to my children 500 times, at least.

It’s going to be a tough couple of weeks for the OGR fleet. They are really digging deeper into southern waters. It can get tricky down there so let’s just keep our fingers (and toes) crossed hoping that they will all be safe.

And as John Devner wrote (loved him, RIP) Just talk of “Poems and Prayers and Promises.” It’s going to be a fun ride. Stay safe, sail fast.

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