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Day 129

By Brian Hancock

Okay, and by the way it’s never a good way to start an update with an adjective, but anyway OK (this one might slip through). There will be no comments about my ex-wives, ex-girlfriends (you can count them all on one hand) no comments about my cat and my dog (I don’t even have a dog), and no comments about my son Tom cooking toast. He lives in London now. He was there at the race start in Southampton and now knows how many pieces of toast each person needs on a Sunday morning. And no digressions. But, anyway, I digress.

This update is going to be as dry as a leftover piece of salt bread cooked on a Thursday and served late on a Saturday afternoon. It’s about the wind and waves and the best way for the fleet to get to Cape Horn.

The boats can download weather information up until start day, and usually they get forecasts a week or so out. But then the teams have to play the game. They say that football is a game of strategy. I call BS on that one only because those that say that have never paid attention to the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race (with Jane by his side). It’s all about strategy and for now I think that Triana, that beautiful Swan 53 skippered by Jean d’Arthuys is kicking some, what’s the word I am looking for, oh I remember now; ass. They are first in IRC and first in the Adventure Class. That is some class right there.

There is a saying in America and it’s a good one. They say “Go West Young Man” and it worked; they found gold. But I made up a new saying for the OGR fleet. “Go South Young People” and you will find some breeze coming in strong from behind (sorry Tracy) but that’s what happens and Triana is going to get a bit up the chuff and good on them. They can ride that donkey to the South Pole if they want.

Translated 9 is doing well (that’s what my doctor told me until I wasn’t). They are first in line honours and first in the Flyer Class. They are cooking along at a steady 7.2 knots and have clocked up a decent 168 miles in the last 24 hours. If they hadn’t cut the corner on that pesky high pressure system it may have been a better day’s run, or a better day at the office as I like to say, but who knows, I am sitting at my desk watching a light snowfall coat my garden in a pretty shade of white.

If you follow the YB Tracker you will see that the outlaws on Outlaw have taken a hard right. They have been paying attention to their barometer (or barograph – only the well funded boats could afford the barograph), they would have noticed the barometric pressure going up and decided to get out of dodge; as they say. There is no point in wallowing in regret; it’s better to meet things head on and take the loss, at first, but it will eventually pay off for them. I hope (err I looked at the YB Tracker and they have gybed back. They must have picked up a traffic lane and cut their losses.

Now, for what it’s worth and it’s probably worth nothing, I was a terrible student. Even to this day I have no clue where to put an apostrophe. My wife is a 3rd grade Special Ed teacher and she tries to explain it to me over and over again but; nothing. I just don’t understand where to put the damn thing even though I have written 19 books. No comprende, as they always say to me when I try and order food in a Spanish restaurant using my best Spanish.

Here is another good one just for the fun of it. This thanks for that FacePlace thing where I never no go except only to read your comments. I can relate to this one. “Dear Algebra, Stop asking for us to find your X. She is never coming back and don’t even ask Y.” I will leave you with that for today.

Good luck to all the OGR sailors as the dip further south. The Magic Carpet Ride will soon begin.

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